Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my friends at CQ! I hope you celebrate with people you love, and get home safely.
For us, we’ve just spent the weekend at a suite at the Radisson Plaza hotel in the city for a change of pace, so tonight we took it easy. We did some shopping around the Gaviidae Commons and Nicollet Mall, and we had dinner at M&S Grille. We both tried the blue marlin and loved it, and we split a serving of excellent key lime pie. We noticed several buses parked across the street at the Marriott along with police protection, and we finally assumed that the St. Louis Rams must have stayed there before the game today — and they must have enjoyed it, because the Rams dismantled the Minnesota Vikings in the season closer.
Tomorrow we’ll relax around the house and hopefully do dinner with our family, but I will be blogging … so keep checking back at CQ.
UPDATE: Power Line has discovered my secret!