Have I Angered The Google Powers That Be?

While Charles at Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin point out that Google refuses to acknowledge their sites as “news” despite Google’s linking to other, less savory sources as news, it appears that Google has stopped recognizing Captain’s Quarters’ existence on the Internet altogether. I received this e-mail from CQ reader Ed Davidson this morning:

I have been using the search criteria “captains quarters” on Google for a considerable time. Your blog was always the lead link returned and it was a convenient way for me to do a two click connection.
Google no longer will return your link with “captains quarters” or “captains quarters blog” or “www.captainsquartersblog.com” in their search function.

Of course, I decided to check this out — and sure enough, Ed’s alert is accurate. Check out this search. While my old Typepad site comes up as the first hit, my main site has disappeared entirely. You can find Captain’s Quarters Family and Golf Resort and a number of other similarly-named hotels and inns, but you can’t find my blog — not even when you redo the search to include the word “blog”.
Now why would that be? I haven’t ever criticized Google, as far as I know, and I use it almost every day. Maybe that will change. Ed’s explanation is as rational as anything I can figure out:

You must have been bad. Real bad.

UPDATE: Apparently, I have angered the Google powers, but it has nothing to do with politics. See this post at Say Anything for an explanation. I’ve removed the links — the company that contracted me for them wants to back out anyway — and I’ll give Google a few days to see if they fix the issue.

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