Welcome to the restored Captain’s Quarters archives

Not long ago, I wanted to access my archive here to find some work I had done years ago on a topic at Hot Air. When I attempted to access the site’s archives — already tricky since the domain has redirected to Hot Air for almost a dozen years — I kept getting yanked off the site. It turns out that some old code in the CSS calls out a now-defunct domain, Blogrolling.com, and the domain registrar’s site takes viewers to a sales pitch.

This just reminded me that I have been remiss for years at tending the old site. I used Movable Type back in the day, which has all but gone defunct itself, and I haven’t used it almost since the day I joined Hot Air. It took me a while just to recall my login, and then to refamiliarize myself with the interface. I tried to cull out the blogrolling.com scripts from the CSS, but apparently I can’t find every instance of it. Until I did, the old blog site would remain inaccessible.

Instead of trying to fix the old site, I decided instead to export the content to a less-encumbered WordPress blog. That export process ran smoothly enough (thanks, Movable Type c.2007!) and it was rather simple to import it into a new WordPress blog. Thanks to my friends at Hosting Matters, it was even simpler to set up that new site.

As you can see, my days as a blog designer are long gone. The site is functional and at least not too unpleasant on the eyes. I’ll be tweaking it here and there to fix things, and the theme might change too as I look for a better fit. However, at least the archives are once again accessible for anyone looking for my old work. And the domain no longer needs to redirect to Hot Air, so now captainsquartersblog.com will point directly to here.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do!