Once More, With Feeling: Registration Open at Hot Air

In case anyone lost their sanity in the Byzantine series of updates on my earlier post, comments registration has been open all day at Hot Air, with a few glitches. The link to the registration page is here. It will remain open until later tonight.
However, I can also add people myself to the user database, if commenters are having problems registering. Send an e-mail to “register” at “captainsquartersblog.com” (without the quotes), and be sure to include your preferred username and password, as well as the e-mail address you want to use for your account. I can add people manually or fix earlier registrations at any time, so keep that e-mail address handy.
Some have asked whether I will be cross-posting most of my material at Hot Air for the remainder of the time left at CapQ. I believe I will. With Bryan already hard at work at his great new job as Laura Ingraham’s producer, he hasn’t had an opportunity to post at Hot Air. It gives me an opportunity to learn the ropes there as well. Starting on Saturday, I’ll post all of my new material there exclusively anyway.
One last note: Several people have asked me whether I plan to post less now that I’m going to Hot Air. Not at all! In fact, I may post more, now that other responsibilities have been removed. This week, though, has been insane — so that’s why the output seems a little low.
Thanks for all of your patience and understanding.