Rightoberfest: The Conservative Leadership Conference

I am happy to announce that I will appear at the Conservative Leadership Conference this week in Reno, Nevada, both as a speaker and as an exhibitor for BlogTalkRadio. The CLC will feature many fine speakers, including BTR’s Andrea Shea-King, as well as presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Duncan Hunter. The event is sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, RedState, Citizens United, and more. Over 50 speakers will appear at the convention, and it will make for some great live-blogging opportunities.
It starts Thursday, October 11th, and runs through Saturday. I will conduct my normal Friday show, but I will probably have to make other arrangements for my Thursday show as I will be traveling in the morning and speaking in the afternoon. If you have the time free, why not come to Reno and see all of the speakers and exhibitors yourself? If you can’t make it out there, be sure to keep an eye on this blog and on BlogTalkRadio, as we introduce new hosts and cover all of the events.

7 thoughts on “Rightoberfest: The Conservative Leadership Conference”

  1. If Ann Coulter is there please tell her to watch her mouth.
    It would be nice if the convention could be about issues instead of personalities.

  2. Ah, if Ann Coulter is there, tell her I bought her new book If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans …
    With the caveat that as long as Larry Craig keeps hanging in as a senator, there’s a problem on the right! Because Larry Craig attached himself in the senate by playing “right wing games” … with a Wide-Stance.
    Hopefully, candidates, ahead, get chosen, away from the game playing used in the past.
    Yes, I know Ann Coulter lkes Duncan Hunter. But when I heard her speaking on Drudge’s old Radio Show, she said:
    ONE: Duncan’s not registering with the MAINSTREAM.
    And, TWO: One of the problems Conservatives have with their politicians … is that ALL OF THEM JUST play TOKENS. As there’s a reality out there. You collect the voters “by saying what you have to say.”
    And, then? You let the problems FESTER.
    Well, PORK makes the politicians twirl around.
    And, I do appreciate Guiliani’s remark, that there shame there. Enough to go around.
    What’s it gonna take?
    Pretty obvious the affirmative action crowd has no decent leadership to speak of.
    But the same harms befell the republicans. What with the games played against ROE. You’ve got no claims to fame, now, either. Seems you take take Sandra day O’Connor’s fork, and stick it into the deep divide. That has happened. Given that neither Bush made much in the way of presidential timber.
    And, the congress is deeply divided. You’re not gonna go, now, and find any leadership there!
    As a matter of fact, while we’re not having a Civil War right now; that’s because no one’s worth a single bullet. But you’ve got a deeply divided world, when it comes to obraining power.
    And, you can just go ahead, and continue your usual games.
    Without seeing pivotal changes occurring.
    Or you can try to find out why the MAINSTREAM is just disgusted.
    “Watching mouths?” Oh, give me a break!
    How about taking responsibility for what grew so deformed.
    The pubbies only claim to fame? Hardly likely that Hillary gets more than the 50% that the Bonkeys know how to cover, with theft.
    While going after women, so you can increase the police. Who will watch out for something smaller than what falls into petrie dishes … is what’s ROILING UNDER THE SURFACE.
    For instance. to “pass muster” it was neessary for Clarence Thomas to state “he just never thought about ROE. At all.” It “didn’t come up. But now that he’s on the surpremes? He can’t sell the idea that he’s gainst ROE. Not with a shred of honsety.
    Is that how you want to see people approaching the White House?
    Sounds like shades of prohibition. Where the town’s biggest drunks tell ya they “lever touch the bottle.” Wouldn’t recognize pork it they fell into the fat barrel. HO. HO. HO.
    You either back a leader. Or you do the usual threats.
    Except for where it gets y6a.
    You’re about there, now.
    50/50. Kept “harmless” by a bunch of rubes.
    Like Larry Craig. But I gotta tell ya; just haning doesn’t doesn’t make anyone very proud.
    Now, if you had real leaders? They galvanize the PEOPLE!
    Bush? Can’t give a speech to save his life.
    Which is why the Bonkeys find themselves in their current pickle.
    Oh, by the way, we’re at the margins. This is not the “drive by” place where people who hold DC in low regard, tend to visit.
    Not that you can’t find out stuff, if you just put your ears to the wall. And, listen.
    Probibition died.
    And, the newer version? Against ROE? You just ain’t gonna put the sexual revolution back into some religious vessel. Sorry. Too many leaks. And, an absolute waste of time.
    All ya got for all your effors were CRUD. Really6!
    Try, instead, to election a popular president next time! GAIN GROUND.
    Stop giving ground away to a bunch of losers you can’t even get out of congress.

  3. Dear Captain,
    Maybe you could debate a very concerning issue.
    Challenge some Conservatives to grow beyond.
    Some have been so encouraged to hate the GOP because of the immigration issue, they have lost sight of the larger picture, their objectivity, and concern for the upcoming election.
    Much of the mindset is baseless, hyperbolic, and completely unreasonable.
    *** here is another mindless effort…
    That’s the Last Straw For Me—Impeach the Bastard
    Everyone can share some blame, a number of Conservative Pundits, as well as a very small group of vitriolic Americans, as much as the Republican Representation.
    But I have never encountered so many ‘stuck on stupid’.
    As if they would through away a car, because of a scratch on the fender.
    Empowering the Liberal Democrat Party, just because they have a problem on an issue that has been neglected for decades, is pure insanity.
    Especially, knowing Hillary wants to take things away from us.
    We simply cannot remain stuck on stupid.
    We have to get it together, before it is too late.

  4. USing my eyeballs, I can see that congress is split 50/50. The hue and cry that right wingers were looking for a bullet-proof senate, of filling 60 seats, alas never came to pass.
    You could learn something from that.
    Or decide not to pay attention.
    But the Bonkeys know how to pull out wins on the 50 yard line. They cheat. Dead people give them votes. And, so, too, some people who are paid to vote more than once. And, who also vote under the names of registered pets. It shouldn’t amount to more than spitting in the ocean. But it does.
    Also, this president has not made the sale. The White House is doing some things successfully; but the AMerican people seem more convinced that Bush is a putz. ANd, our own kids, in the military, are not protected by the turkeys in congress.
    Sad. But true.
    I blame it on the crowd that fought ROE. Because what have they accomplished? Tongue in cheek confirmations, where justices play dumb? Seems that if you want to compare this technique to when the communist, Ruth Bader Gingsberg did it, she excelled far better than your own turkeys.
    And, you’ve got no guarantees that the damaged merchandise you bought (to fight ROE), gave you all that much, except a bunch of creeps in PROM DRESSES.
    you want leadership? It’s not in DC.
    And, the right wing base of the republican party remains as far away from reality as the left wing base, over at the Bonkeys’ camp.
    Since nobody can predict the future; you can assume something happens ahead; and it may even shock you. Because? What’s the chances of making a “bad pick?”
    He’s a very strange man.
    He played the game as far as you could take it. But he’s given a poor enough peformance; that when it’s through … people are gonna be glad he’s gone.
    He was a “C” student from start to finish. And, he didn’t like competence all that much, either. Until he got DESPERATE! You shouldn’t be picking the best as a last choice.
    Though that’s what Winston Churchill said. Americans, he said, tend to do lots of stuff, before they get to doing the right thing.
    And, most of the time the delays have worked to our benefit.
    Also, IF the mainstream looks at the republican nominee, and doesn’t see SUBSTANCE; …
    Well, then, you didn’t learn a thing from 1992.
    Next time? Well, Ross Perot, himself, won’t be running. But an Independent Choice; when people really want to see differences from what they’ve gotten so far … might lead to a candidate that appeals beyond the borders of the right wing nutters.
    “Conservative” has become a word like “liberal.” It no longer means what it once held in old-fashioned terminology.
    The liberals went and invented “progressive.”
    Well, ya know what? MAINSTREAM is not a bad word!
    Think of it like you’re a bunch of wholesalers. You’ve made stupid desicions, before. But now you’re being given another chance.
    Oh, I know. Trent Lott has no intention of putting down his baton. And, he’s surrounded by a chorus of lemmings.
    Can’t change that, any time soon.
    What if the Bonkeys can’t change a thing, and need to run PIAPS? So far, the solution is not simple.

  5. Posted by Terrye | October 7, 2007 3:48 PM
    If Ann Coulter is there please tell her to watch her mouth.
    It would be nice if the convention could be about issues instead of personalities.
    We know you Liberals hate it when Ann tells the TRUTH on you guys.
    But if you are worried about MOUTH – go tell it to the DEMOCRAT LIBERAL skanks.
    Clean your own house before you worry about anyone else.

  6. I live nearby, and would love to come, but I won’t touch anything with that turd Chuck Muth’s name on it.

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