Taking The Day Off

A bout of insomnia, computer problems, and a busy travel schedule have led to do something I haven’t done in the four years I’ve been blogging — take a day off. I need a recharge of the batteries and preparation for travel tomorrow. I’m going to give the First Mate some undivided attention, because she deserves it.
Have a great day — I’ll be back tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Taking The Day Off”

  1. So maybe we could declare this an open thread?
    If so, I wonder if others are buying Clarence Thomas’ theory that liberal advocacy groups ginned up the Anita Hall sexual harrassment allegations as the way to attack him because it fit the black man = sexual beast stereotype.
    I always thought that his race didn’t matter, that the accusations fit the stereotype that men in power will always prey sexually on women in subordinate positions, regardless of their race.
    And in unrelated news, apparently a group of religious leaders have decided that if Guiliani gets the nomination they’re going to look elsewhere because of his position on abortion. I don’t understand the point of blackballing the Republican nominee when all that does is lead to a Democrat president and no seat at the table on ANY issue, much less abortion.

  2. Thank you Captain. Enjoy your rest and time with the First Mate. Your crew will be on deck and will alert you if needed!

  3. Open thread! Pillow fight!
    Hey, that sounds good to me 🙂
    I’ve been musing over the same thing, Bennett. A third party challenging Rudy from the (religious) right? How can that possibly end well for conservatives?
    But then I think… maybe it’s for the good. If you accept it as a given that the Republicans are toast in ’08 anyhow (since Fred’s fading and Newt’s been neutered and everybody else is fatally flawed in one way or another) maybe ’08 is an opportune time to have this intra-party fight and decide once and for all what it really means to be a conservative.
    Question for the group… what IS a conservative nowadays anyhow? Define in a single sentence. (Complex clauses acceptable.)

  4. Since you put in a blog entry telling everyone you would not be blogging today, then technically you did blog today. So Ripkin’s streak is still alive – even if it is a technicallity. I’m sure Ripken had a few days he was just barely in the game.

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