Watchers Council Announces Winners and Open Seat

The Watchers Council has spoken again this week, and the winners are King of Fools in the Council category for his post on creating terrorists, and Kim du Toit in the non-Council category for his weekly rant on Dubya the “dummy”. My post on Kerry’s prime-time paranoid waffling about WMD got an honorable mention … and one-third of a vote. Lo, have the mighty fallen! It’s an honor just to be nominated, of course.
The Watcher also announced that the Council has an open seat due to the resignation of the Hawken Blog, who has an acute case of life and needs to reduce his blog load. I’d volunteer, but with the workload I already have, it’s just not possible. Be sure to read the rules and let the Watcher know if you’d like to join up. It looks like tremendous fun!

One thought on “Watchers Council Announces Winners and Open Seat”

  1. The Old Switcheroo

    Many thanks to Captain’s Quarters, Right-Thinking, The Politburo Diktat, E-nough!, Tempus Fugit, Exultate Justi, and Accidental Verbosity for helping to spread the word about the open seat on the Watcher’s Council.&nbsp After carefully considering all …

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