Democrat Conspiracy To Buy Votes Grows Wider

ABC News reports that five Democrats have been indicted on federal charges of vote-buying in last year’s presidential election:

Five East St. Louis Democrats were charged in a scheme to buy votes in November’s election in a federal indictment unsealed Wednesday.
An undetermined number of voters were paid $5 or $10 to cast a Democratic ballot in the Nov. 2 election, court records said. The money allegedly came from the St. Clair County Democratic Committee, though there was no indication the county committee knew how the funds would be used.
Federal prosecutors charged four Democratic committeemen and one precinct worker, a day after three other committeemen and a precinct worker pleaded guilty to related vote-buying charges in federal court.

It sounds like their co-conspirators cut a deal in order to reduced their jail time, which means they’re looking to find bigger fish to fry. The seven committee members fit that bill, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the investigation doesn’t stop there. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Democrat Conspiracy To Buy Votes Grows Wider”

  1. East St. Louis Toodle-Oo

    Last fall, we linked to numerous examples of voter fraud and intimidation coming from the left side of the aisle. It looks like some of the chickens are slowly coming home to roost. Ed Morrissey links to an ABC News…

  2. Keep your eye on these cases.

    There’s a number of court cases going on in the US and abroad that are very interesting and quite worrisome.
    First, a couple from Captain’s Quarters.
    – There is a vote buying scandal being busted up in St. Louis from last year’s elections. Thr…

  3. More Civil Rights trampled on by the left…

    In addition to the two democrat tire slashers and their effort to deny the Right to Vote to housebound Republicans, we now have democrats buying votes. Each one of those is a vote stolen from a voter who disagrees with the extreme left.

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    With regard to the Carter-Baker commission on federal election reform, a little over two weeks ago I wrote the following:
    It would be nice to think that perhaps the arguably worst president in American history would take a serious look at the …

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