Smearing All The Way

In their zeal to overturn the 118,000-vote victory for George Bush in Ohio, Democrats apparently don’t care what damage they do. Their latest conspiracy-theory victim is Ohio’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Thomas Moyer, accused by attorneys in the case of having secret knowledge of voter fraud:

A group of voters had claimed Chief Justice Thomas Moyer “wittingly or unwittingly acquired knowledge of deliberate national and statewide election fraud” and should step aside.
Moyer called the voters’ claim “wholly without foundation.” He added that he has no reason to remove himself since the challenge doesn’t involve his own election and he has nothing to gain by a change in the results. …
Cliff Arnebeck, an attorney representing the voters, said Wednesday said he was reviewing the documents Moyer referred to.
As to the chief justice’s refusal to remove himself, “the important thing about the judicial process is the concept that you have a neutral judge,” Arnebeck said. “It’s disappointing that doesn’t seem to be the priority here.”

Once again, the flat-Earthers looking to undermine the very substantial victory in Ohio have resorted to character assassination in order to feed the victim mythology their efforts intend to create. The first victim was Kenneth Blackwell who served as the Democrats’ bete noir for simply following Ohio election law. Since one smear job apparently isn’t enough, they intend on grinding Justice Moyer’s reputation into the ground, using nothing but innuendo and an unsupported whispering campaign.
Perhaps the Ohio Bar should look into the conduct of the attorneys in this case. Publicly denigrating the integrity of the court without any evidence of wrongdoing should result in some sort of sanction. In the meantime, Ohio voters should make clear to Democrats that this whining and post-election nonsense will result in sanctions in the next election — the kind that ends political careers.

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  1. This Asshole Needs to Shut the Hell Up

    And the sooner the better. Unfortunately, like many of his kind, in all likelyhood it may never happen.
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