CNN/YouTube Live Blog Tonight!

Tonight at Heading Right, the BlogTalkRadio conservative show hosts will live-blog the CNN/YouTube debate, starting at 7 PM CT. Just as we do with every Republican debate, we will provide a blizzard of instant reaction, pointing out the victories and the stumbles of the candidates and the questioners. It’s a great fast-paced companion to the debate itself.
At 9:30 PM CT, we will hold our traditional debate recap at Debate Central, talking about the winners and losers of the debate. Did CNN do a better job in question selection than the previous YouTube debate? Which candidates rolled with the format, and which got rolled by it? Join us at BlogTalkRadio to find out!
Listen to Debate Central on internet talk radio
UPDATE & BUMP: Tonight we’ll have some great bloggers at Heading Right, including a new member, Jazz Shaw from Middle Earth Journal and Midstream Radio. In fact, I think he’s already started. Joining us for the Debate Central wrapup will be Rick Moran, Jim Lynch, and Frank from Political Vindication. Live bloggers include:
Fausta Wertz
Pamela Geller
Kit Jarrell