Obama, The Neocon (Updated)

Is Barack Obama an interventionist neocon in sheep’s clothing? Robert Kagan apparently thinks so, and makes his case in today’s Washington Post. I provide an answer at Heading Right, and note that one speech does not a hawk make.
UPDATE: With Democrats howling over the supposedly unprecedented politicization of the Bush White House — as if they’d forgotten all about James Carville and Vernon Jordan — Newsweek reminds them that Democrats hardly qualify as ethics scolds:

Sen. Barack Obama vows to bring a “new kind of politics” to Washington. But a copy of a 36-page fax from Obama’s Senate office, obtained by NEWSWEEK, shows that the rookie presidential candidate, riding the biggest wave this side of his native Hawaii, needs to keep a sharp eye on the details of his own campaign. Senate ethics rules allow senators with active campaigns to “split” the work time and salary of official schedulers such as Obama’s Molly Buford.
According to Obama’s campaign spokesman, Robert Gibbs, she in fact is paid by both entities. But Senate rules and federal law forbid the use of official equipment—such as faxes and phone lines—to conduct campaign business, which was what Buford was doing last Thursday when she faxed Obama’s political “call list” to the senator’s personal aide at a Columbia, S.C., hotel. “These are the call sheets for tomorrow’s call time,” she wrote on the official cover page, emblazoned with the seal of the U.S. Senate. …
The fax itself shows the campaign working to round up endorsements from established party leaders. In the “talking points” for a call to Rep. William Clay of St. Louis, Obama is advised by his Chicago political team to say: “Your endorsement is important to me and I hope that you will join the movement supporting my campaign. I would like you to take an official leadership role for my campaign in Missouri.”

Should we call for a special prosecutor to look into Obama’s ethics, too? I’d actually be more interested in the identity of the person who shoved the fax under the door of Newsweek. I’d bet that question has crossed Obama’s mind, too.

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  1. Kagan’s review noticably chopped Obama’s speech into individual “straws” that Kagan could then apply at will to his own interpretation. Readers are better advised to read Obama’s speech in its entirety, and then decide.
    Here’s one choice bit that certain commenters to this blog as well as many right-wing bloggers would do well to apply:
    “I do want to make the following observations, though. First, I am part of that post Baby Boom generation that was too young to fight in Vietnam, not called to fight in Desert Storm, too old for the current conflict. For those like me who – for whatever reason – have never seen battle, whether they be in the Administration or in Congress, let me suggest that they put the words “coward” and “unpatriotic” out of their vocabulary – at least when it comes to veterans like John Murtha who have put their lives on the line for this country. I noticed that the President recognized this bit of wisdom yesterday. I hope others do to.”

  2. I’m gonna pre-suppose that following Obama’s “trajectory” has something to do with tongue-in-cheek? You really think he’s going somewhere?
    On the other hand, seriously, the GOP is in trouble. It can’t seem to catch its wind. And, when you go for an article on Obama; why you’re just tagging after Ma and Pa Kettle. And, you’re settling for an agenda set by your oponents.
    Would it help to understand that the Bush white house has run into headwinds? That it’s no longer just a few lunatics on the left, who spout out the mantra’s against Bush?
    That the man, all on his own, has managed to lose control of the arguments? Well? He doesn’t make them. And, his claim to fame is that he hasn’t walked Nixon’s path. That led to the kinds of troubles that seems to have pushed the Bush family’s fortunes forward. But at what expense?
    I guess if you want to be a special interest of ideologs. Where nothing passes for reason. Then, go ahead.
    Today, you’re using Obama as your scapegoat. On a cart without wheels. Going nowhere.
    And, you think the donks have run out of ideas?
    What’s the price Bush will exact on the body politic?
    Don’t forget, this is not a religious experience. Given that politics, in our Republic, is more like a sport. Which once didn’t include women. So that men could curse. Spit on the floor. And, get free drinks in exchange for votes.
    And, back in those days? Soap boxes, in parks, were where a few people stood. Usually convinced we had to “repent.” Where did all those sandwich boards go?
    And, why is it that there’s nothing of interest that would spell out; except for the anti-abortion group, just what exactly do GOP ELECTED OFFICIALS stand for?
    Back when America’s automobile industry was the one to beat; what went wrong was that the marketeers took over. And, good engineering got dumped in favor of “more chrome.” Didn’t help sell their cars, ya know?
    And, that’s how you have to look at your competition.
    Time to stop mimicking their story lines. Obama is black. There are lots of black voters in the donk’s camp. And, he’s at least getting support. Where Bush’s affirmative action hire, Condi, is not.
    Between the two? Down the line Condi may get blamed for a weak agenda. And, worse. Dancing with Chirac. Making a deal not only with the House of Saud, but with the french. As if most Americans don’t notice. Even though no one’s talking about much.
    There are guru’s who became famous for giving business men, business advice. High on the list of one that I still remember is this:
    A chimpanzee can run a successful company. Because sucess has MOMENTUM. Where you’d go to look for talent, however, were among those (like the Japanese who made better cars than the competion). Or actually at companies that saw reversals in fortune. And, their graph line was headed downhill.
    As a matter of fact, the CEO that would not be a chimpanzee, would be the one who creatively STOPPED THE SLIDE.
    In politics? As long as the donks own 50% of the voting public, PLUS ONE PERCENT. They own the levers and controls. (Oh, and they’re good at it!)
    I’ll quote none other than Tom DeLay. (Yes. His book is excellent! But it will go unheeded, just the same.) And, in the book he spends time observing WHY the donks are successful in congress. And, by and large why the GOP is not.. Yes, he even takes on blame. But from the HOUSE, no man can tug the ship out of hot water.
    And, the donks have nearly 50 plus, years OWNING the congressional apparatus. Setting rules. Setting agendas. And, even when they fell below 50%, to 49% … they did not let go of their committee seats. And, they just kept manipulating their powers.
    You want to read about this in the front pages of the New Yuk Times? You won’t.
    But one way to decrease Obama’s new glory, is to find something nice to say about Condi. (Where you CAN’T!) All those Bush affirmative action hires; and you’ve got nothing to add to the debates. Go figa?

  3. Just an aside. But up at BELDAR, he’s posted his bet with friends of his. On the outcome of the Nov. 2008 election.
    Well, he’s got Hillary in the white house.
    But what I found interesting was how he, and his friends, the other bettor’s went about distributing the veep’s slot, in the upcoming confrontation.
    So, in Position #1, BELDAR says Warner runs with Hillary.
    Then, he does the same with Guiliani’s running mate.
    And, it’s possible no one will be buying anyone drinks; because it doesn’t seem to be on any ticket that the GOP pulls off “a stunning victory.”
    It’s the future. What else is there except bets?

  4. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just the speech (well, the juicy bits they reprinted) and does it ever sound like Obama has read Shransky’s Case 4 Democracy. Amazing!

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