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BUMP: Just a reminder that we will be also discussing the Virginia Tech story. Be sure to call and join the conversation.
On today’s edition of CQ Radio, I’ll have an interview with Bernard Goldberg — journalist and author of such excellent books as Bias and The 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America — as he launches his new book, Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right: How One SIde Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve. The book launches today, and on Saturday I had the opportunity to have a long conversation with Goldberg, one of the most entertaining interview subjects. We discuss:
* Don Imus — “A very unlikable and unpleasant person … but Don Imus is not what’s plaguing black America.”
* Republicans — “Betrayed their principles”
* Al Sharpton – “If there are two people in the whole world who should not be leading a moral crusade against Don Imus, they are Al Shaprton and Jesse Jackson.”
* The importance of culture – “If [culture] doesn’t matter, then why is everyone so upset about Don Imus?”
You’re going to hear a lot of quotable passages from Bernard Goldberg today — so be sure to tune in at 2 pm CT. I’ll have plenty of time to take calls, and I’d like to get a conversation going about the lessons we can learn from the Virginia Tech tragedy yesterday. Call in at 646-652-4889!

3 thoughts on “Bernard Goldberg On CQ Today (Bumped!)”

  1. interesting…
    Republicans betrayed their principles?
    a little over the top…
    as we Conservatives understand humans are far from perfect, Repubicans were pretty good in comparison of what we see Democrats doing today, and some pundits were actually saying we should teach some a lesson by letting the Democrat Insanity take control (talk about betrayal).
    perhaps the enabling of Nancy Pelosi, was the biggest betrayal of the Conservative agenda of all, and responsibility ultimately lies with the voters.
    seems some even bought into the idea, Democrats were somewhat moderate!
    this was and is absurd, as we see the ugly results today…
    Democrats spending overtly, rushing to raise taxes, working to appease threats, trying to force the USA to surrender for their own political gain, ignoring their own corruption…
    Bringing Gore, Plame, fired US Attorneys, etc., up the Hill for political exploitation…
    it could not be more pathetic.
    and Republicans cannot be blamed for the unethical efforts of the ugly DNC.

  2. Ask Bernard Goldberg to comment:
    Why wasn’t the FIRE ALARM BELL rung?
    Why are we watching leftoid crooks hand-wringing away. Without showing you the obvious short-fall in a bunch of kids’ education?
    Yes. RINGING THE FIRE ALARM BELL would have brought the fire department to the campus. And, they’d have evacuted buildings. If they took gunfire? You bet, they’d have called in the PROFESSIONAL POLICE! That school would have been ringed with SWAT TEAM members, trained to deal with terrorists.
    The last people on earth who will protect you, or your kids, are the academics. Till? Someone lands on their ass.
    Even at Duke. Brodhead keeps his job.
    Now, you go and tell me why.
    See if I’m not angry enough, already.
    And, PLEASE. POST the dialog from your show. I’m just not a radio listener. But I want to see this interview with my own eyes.

  3. Lessons to learn from the Virginia Tech tragedy should include the fact that Cho had a gap in time, between killing two people at 7:15 AM. And, then?
    Since two hours pass; what ran through his mind?
    At first did he have an escape plan?
    And, only after the college did nothing to hunt him down, did he then go on to “Plan B?”
    I am so saddened that a lovely lady thought it prudent to call her dorm’s advisor. Mr. Clark. 22 years old. A straight A student. And, due to graduate.
    HOW COME “TALK” has been trained into our kids?
    You think if you called up “Dr. Freud,” he’d come over to talk? TALK DOES NOT CURE INSANITY!
    If somebody tried to do this to treat cancer, they’d be put in jail!
    Those two hours were so critical!
    Again, now that the tragedy happened, there’s going to be a lot of talk. Here, this is okay. Many of us are not affected, because we don’t know anyone going to Virginia Tech.
    Though I did copy & paste your breaking news. And, I sent it to my son. His reaction? Sadness. And, a certain fear. Because he emailed me, “I thought this could have been Washington U.” (His brother is a freshman, there.)
    And, yes. There are HAIR RAISING DORM STORIES! Happening to nice kids. In more college dorms that you know!
    This is being handled by people so out-of-their element, you have no idea!
    We’ve credentialed a slew of morons. They think they have skills. But they don’t!
    And, in the information we will learn, ahead? You’ll see this guy, Cho, attending Virginia Tech for FOUR FULL YEARS, has a truckload of stories the students KNOW! He didn’t walk among them and befriend, anyone.
    Yet no one in charge had a clue.
    Okay. That was then. This is now.
    Today, lots of people are holding clues.
    Are you gonna let campuses continue with their bullshit? Training endangered people to “talk?”
    Are you nuts?
    IN those two hours, between attacks, this nut went to FURTHER EXTREMES. Yes. He had the chains with which to bolt the doors to the building he entered, to kill students in their classes.
    True. No fire alarms were sounded, then.
    But if there are “root causes” to tragedies, we will be able to avert another, IF we have more expectations than BS from administrators. And, enough of this “talking” business; as if everything were just a relationship “to solve.” Hello. There’s no solving a mass killer’s dilemmas.
    And, to pass the “solving” onto the students is stupid, too.

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