CQ Radio: Debate Coverage (Updated)

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In today’s installment of CQ Radio, I will be reviewing a blogger conference call with the White House and Tony Snow. I’ll review the hot stories of day, and announcing the Heading Right debate coverage for Thursday. I may have a couple of surprise guests as well, so tune in! Join the conversation by calling 646-652-4889.
BREAKING: The President will make a statement today at 6:10 PM ET today explaining why he will veto the supplemental. The White House will transmit the veto to Congress tomorrow, and the House will vote to override in the morning. They’ll lose, and the White House will meet the Congressional leadership later that day to determine how to proceed.

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  1. Cap’n Ed,
    I wasn’t able to catch CQ Radio today on BlogTalk Radio but was wondering…is your program on at 2:00 Central every day?

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