CQ Radio Today: Howard Kurtz (Bumped)

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CQ Radio hits the Internet stream today at 2 pm CT with a very special guest: Howard Kurtz, the Washington Post journalist and media critic. Howard writes a must-read media review most weekdays that not only gives links to some of the most trenchant commentary of the previous day, but also his own analysis of the big stories. He also hosts CNN’s Reliable Sources evey Sunday at 10 am ET.
His upcoming installment will be devoted to media coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre, but we’ll get a head start on that topic today. We’ll also take your calls at 646-652-4889 to discuss the shooting and the media coverage of it. Be sure to join the conversation!

2 thoughts on “CQ Radio Today: Howard Kurtz (Bumped)”

  1. I’d like you to know what you think about Cho’s ability to purchase a glok before the shootings. Why should second amendment right’s be extended to foreigners? If you come to this country from the Middle East or any other part of the world and are given a green card, why should you have the right to own a gun?
    I think that gun rights should be reserved exclusively for American citizens. The world isn’t safe enough to make any exceptions.

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