CQ Radio Today: Victory Caucus (Update and Bump)

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Our next installment of CQ Radio will feature NZ Bear of the Victory Caucus, discussing the significant changes in store for the organization. The Victory Caucus plans to organize as a fundraising force to get tough on national security and the war on terror. NZ will talk about the plans and what it means for the 2008 election.
We’ll also take your calls at 646-652-4889 to discuss NBC’s decision to air the Cho package, the Gonzales testimony, and much more. Be sure to join the conversation!
UPDATE: CQ Radio is now the #8 show for Blog Talk Radio! And the #2 show is in Portugese, hosted by a Brazilian center-right philosopher who lives in the US now, Olavo de Carvalho.
UPDATE II: I’ve uploaded a Blog Talk Radio player that streams the latest CQ Radio show directly on the blog. If you want to turn off the player, click on the pause button (which looks like this: || ) and it will pause. Later, I will have one that allows CQ readers to select among the latest shows.
UPDATE III: I’ve received enough complaints about the auto-start that I’ve turned it off for now.
UPDATE IV: I will turn it back on for the live stream to do some testing with it, so be aware that it may switch around this afternoon. It will be on this post only and the main page, and only while I’m live on the air. Click on the Pause (II) button to stop the player below, or use the volume control to mute or lower the sound. (The sidebar player is not set to autoplay.) We need to reprogram this eventually so that it comes on low.
I hope you all tune in for the live show today, and now you don’t have to navigate away from CQ to do it!

4 thoughts on “CQ Radio Today: Victory Caucus (Update and Bump)”

  1. Ed,
    I pause it, but when I switch to another CQ page, the radio stream starts back up. It’s a little annoying. I’m using IE 7.

  2. CQ radio. Are you a Ham Captain? Amateur radio operator?
    I’m N4OYM, Extra Class operator
    Hubby is KA4P, Extra Class operator
    Have been hams for to many years to count, teach courses in our county,
    Just wondering.
    Looking forward to listening to you and NZ

  3. Thanks for the feed, I for one appreciate it. I would rather listen to you directly, it is easy enough to click it off if I would rather listen at a later time.
    Ed, I find your shows fantastic. I am not a big supporter of this new fade of bloggers gone wild on the the airwaves (you are exempt from that comment of course)..but because of you I will give a few more of them a shot..
    Interesting guests, great topics and thank you for being well informed not only on the topics but also your guests! Keep up the good work my friend..

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