One thought on “Hugh Hewitt On Atlas Shrugged”

  1. Huh?
    Doesn’t Hugh Hewitt HAVE a radio show?
    Don’t advertisers spend money to run their ads when he’s “on?”
    Are you saying people who read blogs need better access AT THEIR FINGERTIPS?
    Hear! Hear! I just wish I could get pieces of different radio shows, the way I get links to U-Tube.
    Perhaps? Someday this will be so automatic. Instead of bloggers just typing; they’ll be able to run side-pieces with links to stuff worth hearing. Just as they’re doing now with stuff worth SEEING.
    Glenn Reynolds, as a matter of fact, developed a world of links, that he picks. And, then “blurbs” about; usually one sentence long.
    No. I always do more than one sentence. That’s what attracted me to InstaPundit. So much information gathered. And, rather than saying it, he provides the link. So you could go look. Or not.
    Way back when I first heard of InstaPundit, in the year 2000. Someone kicked out the idea tht he was making $40,00 per month off his blog, alone. And, his university couldn’t touch this money. Which makes it a double-bonus.
    When I read, Captain Ed, that you’re jumping careers; and leaving behind the call center, I knew you picked something that has the potential of becoming BIG. Even though people have radios that wake them up. And, are in their cars. The world of computers, for the longest time, had the gentlest of tap-tap sounds. Not even as loud as the keystrokes on a typewriter. Which I remember, well.
    The best part? The Internet bypassed the “pundits.” And, we get news analysis that doesn’t have to pass some “editor’s red pencil test.” This, in itself has shown lots of people that tele-prompter readers aren’t enough.
    And, the news is so fast. Yesterday, in the AM, I was minding my own business. Turned on the computer, and stopped here, to your breaking news story.
    Nope. Have not turned on the TV at all.
    Nor, the radio.
    But now that you’ve ventured into the world of radio, you bet. I’m hoping there’s a way for you to link to the sounds. After the fact. Why should words just disappear on the airwaves, if they’re not heard at the time they’re broadcast?

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