The New Gig

I’ve decided to get a head start on the new job, which officially starts tomorrow, at Blog Talk Radio. I’ve posted for the first time at the BTR blog, talking about the opportunities ahead for both myself and BTR:

As much as blogging represented that opportunity for writers four years ago, I believe Blog Talk Radio holds out even more opportunities for writers and talkers now. We have just begun operations eight months ago, and already we have a wide variety of shows for listeners to enjoy — and not just in politics. We expand our reach every day into new topics and new issues, and we see no limit.
Blog Talk Radio gives everyone a microphone, and more importantly, a solid technical platform that alllows for immediate dialog. Instead of posting an essay and waiting for comments and e-mails, New Media people can interact directly with those who agree or disagree — and the debate will be both entertaining and instructive for all. It democratizes the talk-show medium just as blogging democratized the print media. And as an added bonus, Blog Talk Radio will soon bring advertisers and an opportunity for hosts to share in the revenue.
Come on — who wouldn’t get excited by that?

I will be posting at the BTR blog and at a new group blog for conservative talk-show hosts at BTR called Heading Right as part of the new job. I’ll also be posting more here, too, than ever before. Keep checking all three in the coming weeks and months!

8 thoughts on “The New Gig”

  1. Is this like U-TUBE for the radio set?
    Remember, this. I’m old. I don’t turn on the TV. And, I only turn on my radio once per week. Sunday nights. To listen to Drudge. Last Sunday? Easter. He wasn’t ON. So, that was quick.
    Meanwhile, at links provided by Glenn Reynolds, for instance; I see lots of repeated performances culled from the nutworks; and I see it ALL. Don’t feel deprived on information, but on the contrary. Stuff is so accessible!
    Do you need a name to compete with U-Tube? How about HOT DOGS. (Not just something to slip into buns, anymore.)
    But you can “segmentize” the best riffs; and, let them get “cast” within a blog topic. Scattered like a link.
    If it’s arleady there? Then somebody’s gotta tell me how to use this.
    U-Tube’s easy!
    Stuff that plays only when you have Flasher #9, however, can’t be seen. There’s a “conflict” with Netscape. And, unlike most people, I’m used to Netscape. And, I like it! Not even the most updated one, either. (Happen to hate 8.2). So I’ve got a bootable disk of Netscape 7.2.
    And, that means? If you’re out there, Captain Ed, to satisfy ALL SORTS OF CUSTOMERS; I’m out here, willing to listen. Through my keyboard. Yeah. It works. This technology is the most amazing thing. (My mom used to claim it was “Kotex.” She was born in 1905. Before the stuff you could buy was invented.)
    So? I’m old enough to be phobic of new technologies. If you’re trying to change a habit, where I love my computer; to turn on my radio. Which only gets 640 AM. I panic when I have to change channels. Just for Drudge. Remember?

  2. Captain,
    I wish your Quarters were as vibrant as always. Will you have enough energy to continue? I honestly hope so. But if not, I wish your new job let you be even better and reach higher. Reading newspapers and watching TV I honestly worry about our future. Increasing hysteria, be it on global warming, or “Bush lies”, or even the way we should live our everyday lives is depressing and dangerous. We need to fight it, maybe even more than the terrorist threat. The real enemies of our freedoms, our way of life and of almost everything great about our countries are here, between us….

  3. I recently made a career change and although it was for the best, the realization that my family’s financial security was based on my success was a bit too real. Technology has brought us a long ways, but in some respects, things have changed little over the centuries — we still need to go out there and give our all to provide for our family. I am sure the change is exciting for you, but such ventures are risky, so I wish you the best. The quality of work you have put forth over the last few years has laid a path in the media for you, I hope you have chosen the best vehicle to traverse it.

  4. These days one can seldom say “I can trust what I am reading and hearing here.” But that is true every day at the QC. The MSM would kill to have your reputation, Captain. May you flourish!

  5. Of course I meant to say “every day at the ‘CQ’ “, not the QC – must be my French ancestry emerging (damn).

  6. Long time reader, first time poster. I wish you all the luck with Blog Talk Radio. I have heard a few folks on there and some are great, some think they are; in any event, thankfully those are being weeded out! A great undertaking. I do believe you are right. This venue will offer our views in a more interactive and immediate way.
    Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the cause. Look forward to becoming a member of this fine community. Your opinions and views are well reasoned and spot on. Congratulations Capt!

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