Working The Romney Beat

I’ll be trailing the Mitt Romney campaign today, reporting from a number of events that the Governor has scheduled for today in Iowa. I’ll be posting at Heading Right today on Romney events, so be sure to keep checking back. (I’ll probably post links to those articles here as well.)
Later today, I’ll get an exclusive interview with Governor Romney, where I’ll probe for some of the underreported aspects of his platform, especially foreign policy, which I think has mostly been ignored. We’ll have a later edition of CQ Radio with that taped interview at around 4 pm CT. At 6 pm, we’ll have an additional, live CQ radio show at the Hy Vee Conference Center, where you can hear the Governor handle questions from the Iowa audience in a town-hall forum.
Keep checking back here and at Heading Right for more!
UPDATE: I’m starting the first live-blog at Heading Right at this link. There will be plenty of this today, although it does appear that I will have to find my own food — they’re not feeding the press, and I’ll be too busy anyway.
UPDATE: My reporting on the press conference is here.
UPDATE III: The next event, an interview with Iowa public TV, is here. This will not air immediately, but instead will be broadcast on Friday and Sunday.
So far, I have to admit that the Romney campaign and Romney himself are impressive. He has the same ability to hold an audience as Rudy Giuliani, and also the same grasp of detail in his speaking. He’s even better off the cuff than with prepared remarks.

15 thoughts on “Working The Romney Beat”

  1. The U.S. hasn’t won a war since WWII. Ask Romney how he intends to see to it that we win the current war and the one after that.

  2. Ed, delve into one of the least touched domestic issues: Sarbanes-Oxley. See if you can get him to tie it into the raise in private equity buyouts.

  3. Be sure to ask him about Ampad.
    Briliantly capitalist, but morally disgusting and somewhat indefensible.

  4. Don’t forget about illegal immigration, an extemely important issue (it’s number one with me), which is continually underreported on this blog.

  5. WRONG FACTS ON KOREA! This was a UN Sponsored mission. And, ALL of MacArthur’s plans, sent by pouch for the Commander In Chief’s signature; saw the pouches opened. And, the information in the hands of India, Russia. And, China.
    When MacArthur complained that his plans weren’t treated with secrecy, Truman called him paranoid.
    And, the WHOLE UN PUPOSE was to STALEMATE Korea. A stupid peninsula, on the bottom of China; that is USELESS. (Formosa, on the other hand? It went to the Chinese THIEVES, while China-Proper went communist.
    Now, if you go to DRUDGE, you’ll see his headline: FRED THOMPSON DECLARES HE’S RUNNING ON THE 4th of July.
    Amazing how one man gets there before the dinosaurs.
    Yesterday, (I think it’s at Hewitt’s site), there’s a “dead pool” for when McCain withdraws from the race. Soxblox picked Friday, August 31st.
    Who knew we had to stamp our newspapers, the way you see the small print in your rear view mirrors: “Objects are closer than they appear.” Yup.
    Now, the campaigns, so far, are just doing sound-bites. As if what worked, once, will work, yet again. And, I say NAY.
    Depending how Fred Thompson lays out his plans; and Guiliani will have to come forward and get a lot more bold, as well … The race will probably be between two guys. Fred and Rudy.
    But what’s unknown? Rudy’s health.
    And, what all the candidates are doing, now; which is posturing for future positions.
    McCain’s toast.
    Bush will exit with Jimmy Carter’s reputation; it may even be worse? While other events? Like the “legalistic ways” we hold back, instead of fighting wars? I’ve come to the conclusion that the sole purpose of this crap is just to give lawyers jobs.
    And, we’ve got too many lawyers.

  6. Ask Mitt whether his foreign policy ideas still are dominated by “Guns, Germs, and Steel”, which exalts an exotic concept of geopolitics?

  7. Captain: Ask Mitt about his state funded medical care for everyone in MA and how his healthcare system is different from Hillary? Looks like socialism to me only by a different name?

  8. I’m a big Romney fan. (I blogged about that fact here ) However, people to whom I’ve talked have expressed fear that, because his Church is one that still receives revelations, he may have a problem if Church leaders receive a revelation that would affect his conduct as President. (Along the lines of “we’ve had a revelation that America needs to bomb Mecca.”) If you get the chance it would be useful to ask Mitt what will happen if there is a revelation that could affect, not just Mormons, but American policy.

  9. Captain,
    Ask Mitt if he considers himself a more accomplished flip-flopper than his fellow Massachusetts flip-flopper, John Kerry.
    Then ask him how bad of a brain fart was it to claim to be a life-long hunter having never being licensed to hunt?
    Ask him how it feels to be the Republican Slick Willie.
    I’ll think of a few more later.

  10. “I’ll think of a few more later”.
    Please, Neville72, if they are as thoughtful as your first few, spare us. After 16 years of Clinton/Bush a Romney/Thompson administration would restore a level of integrity and competence we have not seen in many decades.

  11. Korea was a tie – haven’t you seen Stripes? Grenada and Panama don’t count, but I think we achieved our limited objective in Iraq I. Kosovo doesn’t count either – no real fighting on the ground.
    We are winning on the ground but losing in the halls of congress – by today’s standards we would have never been a country, or perhaps just barely, Texas and California would be part of Mexico and John Edwards two Americas would have an entirely different meaning, and Europe would be under German rule.

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