A Salute To Our Northern Neighbors!

Via Newsbeat1, I’m reminded that today is Canada Day. In fact, it’s the 139th year of Canada Day, which began as Dominion Day in 1868. (This is the 25th anniversary of the event as “Canada Day”.) As fitting for our northern neighbor, it celebrates no particular military victory or political event, but just humbly celebrates the nation itself.
From your neighbors to the South, happy Canada Day, and may our friendship celebrate many, many more of these days together.
Canada has a special place in my heart. To see why, please read through my archive.

11 thoughts on “A Salute To Our Northern Neighbors!”

  1. Ed,
    Please re-read. Dominion Day was established in 1868, not 1867, and it’s the 139th year of the celebration — which is what I wrote.

  2. Thank you Captain Ed. We Canadians are blessed to share our border with the United States.
    Some of my youth was spent in a border city. Isn’t it interesting that the two countries have birthdays in such close proximity? I have fond memories of seemingly endless days of celebration during the July 1 – 4 period.
    Here is a noteworthy piece of history during the Canada/ US 1812 war:
    “Residents of St. Stephen [ New Brunswick] and Calais [Maine] regard their community as one place, cooperating in their fire departments and other community projects. As evidence of the longtime friendship between the towns, during the War of 1812, the British military provided St. Stephen with a large supply of gunpowder for protection against the enemy Americans in Calais, but the town elders gave the gunpowder to Calais for its Fourth of July celebrations.
    Quote taken from: wikipedia.org

  3. I find many Canadians jealous of the USA, angry and very anti American, such is life.

  4. Let me be the first to wish everyone ‘south of the border’ a happy 331st birthday! Especially Captain Ed and MQ! (or is it the 330th?)

  5. Thanks Ed!
    Big HELLO to our southern bro !…
    … uh…that could be the beer kickin’ in.
    MQ.. Everybody got @ssholes and you ran into a few of ours. Shrug it off and crack open a cold one!

  6. Actually, Dominion Day celebrated out having been given the right to govern our own internal affairs. As a Dominion of the British Empire, Canada still lacked control of her external affairs (we didn’t get that until 1935), but we were granted internal autonomy in 1867 (which is what Dominion Day, established in 1868, celebrates)

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