Maybe They Should Get A Room

Yesterday, the prosecutor in the trial of Saddam Hussein demanded that the chief judge step down for refusing to stop Saddam from ranting in out-of-order outbursts. The judge demurred, stating that he had no bias towards Saddam and that he merely wanted to ensure that the record showed the defendant received a fair hearing. Today, however, the judge managed to make the prosecutor appear prescient in an exchange that had everything but flowers:

Questioning a Kurdish witness Thursday, Saddam said, “I wonder why this man wanted to meet with me, if I am a dictator?”
The judge interrupted: “You were not a dictator. People around you made you (look like) a dictator.”
“Thank you,” Saddam responded, bowing his head in respect.

Awwww. Poor Saddam meant to rule as a benevolent father to his subjects, but it was those meanies he hired to cut people’s tongues out, chop off their hands, rape women in their cells, drop chemical weapons on the Kurds, bulldoze 3800 of their villages, put hundreds of thousands of Iraqis into mass graves with coup de grace bullet holes in their skulls, invade Kuwait and destroy their oil wells on the way out, develop nuclear and biological weapons, pull a Lidice on Dujail, assassinate critics at home and abroad, murder his sons-in-law, and unleash his spawn-of-Satan sons onto the Iraqi people that made him look like a dictator.
Well, that explains it. How could the prosecutor have ever thought this judge was biased?

3 thoughts on “Maybe They Should Get A Room”

  1. Head Judge in Genocide Trial Pals up to Saddam Hussein

    The whole AP report is nothing more than a whitewash as far as I’m concerned. They are treating Hussein with kid gloves as if the true picture of this murdering scum would serve the left’s political enemies.

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