NZ Bear Wants an Answer

The Truth Laid Bear asks a question for those who continually argued that the war in Iraq was illegitimate and a violation of international law:

Now that he has been found to be alive, I’d ask this to those who considered this an illegitimate war: will you now stand up and demand that Hussein be placed back in power? He was, after all, the “legal” ruler of Iraq.
And if not, why not?

Bear — and I — will be waiting for an answer and an explanation.
UPDATE: Well, I got my answer from a member of the left, and while I don’t agree with a lot of it, it is certainly a beautifully written, honest, and even patriotic response. See Kynn’s take at Shock and Awe, and I’m also adding her to the blogroll.

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    The question comes from N.Z. Bear: During the buildup to the war, and since, many who opposed the war declared it an “illegal” action and a violation of international law. Now that he has been found to be alive, I’d…

  2. So the ends DO justify the means

    That’s what those wonderful election-stealing, trigger-happy Republicans would have you believe. Of course some of us think for ourselves and don’t despise those in the world that are different. Certainly I can’t complain about the capture of …

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