Perpetually On The Wrong Side

Guess who’s crying in their coffee today?

Disbelief and gloom seized many Palestinians Sunday at news of Saddam Hussein’s capture … “It’s a black day in history,” said Sadiq Husam, 33, a taxi driver in Ramallah, West Bank seat of the Palestinian Authority. “I am saying so not because Saddam is an Arab, but because he is the only man who said no to American injustice in the Middle East,” he said. …
Some did not believe news of Saddam’s capture even when images of the bearded figure flashed across television screens. “Maybe they captured someone who looks like him,” said Laila Abusharigh, 55, in the Gaza Strip. “Saddam is a real man and all of us are with him.” Fifteen youngsters from Arafat’s Fatah (news – web sites) movement tagged onto a rally in Gaza for the Islamic group Hamas, holding up posters of Saddam. … “The war will start now in Iraq (news – web sites),” said 16-year-old Yusef Khalil in Gaza. “Saddam helped our people and we will not forget him.”

So far, the Palestinian Authority has had the unusual intelligence not to immediately react to Saddam’s capture, but the same cannot be said for the population that ululated with glee after 9/11. The Palestinians continually hitch their horse to the worst, bloodiest people they can find, and have a talent for picking the losing side in any argument.
Let’s remember this when people insist on sympathizing with the Palestinians.

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  1. Palestinians disappointed

    “It’s a black day in history.” Captain’s Quarters finds that some Palestinians are disappointed by the capture of the Iraqi dictator….

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