The Leftists Are Squirming

Want a peek at how leftist Americans think about Saddam’s capture? Take a look at a couple of these sites:
Eschaton – Check out the comments on this post by Atrios. Guess Atrios hadn’t seen this article before posting.
Metafilter – They’re not too happy over there. There’s one hilarious comment that complains about the “humiliating and degrading” treatment Saddam is receiving by having his examination videotaped. Someone has also started a caption contest with the Saddam picture, and some of the responses are pretty funny.
Democratic Underground – Yes, these “patriotic” folks are celebrating the capture of Saddam by spawning discussion groups with titles like “No one in “Saddam Captured” press conf metioned 9-11 or terra?” and “CNN Reporting that this was a Tip from an Iraqi. Not good analysts”. Not one story or post or discussion group about how good it is to have Saddam in custody. So far, there hasn’t been a lot of comments in these threads, but then again people really haven’t quite woken up yet.
You can find more reaction from both right and left at the Truth Laid Bear.
More later … (some links via Blogs4Bush)

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    CNN right now is reporting they JUST CAUGHT SADDAM HUSSEIN!!! YES!!! (Has not been 100% confirmed though). UPDATE: The first time I watch CNN in months, and this happens. Wow. It’s not a 100% certainty, but they’re getting “rumors” and…

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