Saddam Hussein was captured by US forces; according to Fox News, with $750,000 in US cash, hiding in a hole like the rat that he is:

U.S. forces have captured Saddam Hussein in a late night raid near his hometown of Tikrit, according to the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority. … Sanchez said the former leader was not injured and has been “talkative and cooperative,” after 4th Infantry Division and special operations forces nabbed him at a “rural farmhouse.”
“Today is a great day for the Iraqi people and the coalition,” Sanchez said.
Not a single shot was fired in “Operation Red Dawn,” carried out based on intelligence gathered over several months, Sanchez said.

The Iraqis immediately broke out into spontaneous celebrations, firing guns into the air and chanting, “Death to Saddam!” Even the Iraqi reporters started screaming and celebrating at the press conference when video of him in custody was played.
This should put a stop or at least severely dampen the “insurgency” in Iraq. Without Saddam as either the symbolic or operational head to their efforts, and with the vast majority of Iraqis opposing the actions of the Fedayeen, it should be rather easy to roll up the rest of their operation.
But that’s later. For now, let’s celebrate a wonderful victory.

UPDATE: Allah is most disappointed in the cowardly and craven way Saddam allowed himself to be captured. He has a suggestion for Saddam, too.
UPDATE 2: Best line of the day, at least thus far, goes to Jon at QandO: “Saddam’s hole was filled with mice and rats. And Saddam Hussein. But I repeat myself.” Read his entire post.
UPDATE 3: Keep checking The Command Post for more reaction to Saddam’s capture.

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    CNN right now is reporting they JUST CAUGHT SADDAM HUSSEIN!!! YES!!! (Has not been 100% confirmed though). UPDATE: The first time I watch CNN in months, and this happens. Wow. It’s not a 100% certainty, but they’re getting “rumors” and…

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    Saddam Hussein has been captured in Iraq. I’m still waking up and not suitable for rational commentary yet, other than a simple “YES!” when I heard the news. So here’s a quick roundup of the word around the blogosphere, by

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    Saddam has been captured, with nary a shot fired says the MSNBC report. I am still surfing the web for other breaking news and people’s reactions. Some say the Dean camp is upset, which I doubt, because it means bad

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