Win A Date With Saddam! (Necktie Required)

Apparently, the Iraqi unemployment situation must be fairly dire, as men would kill to get a job. More accurately, they would kill one specific person:

An advisor to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told ABC News that hundreds of Iraqis have inquired about the job as Hussein’s hangman, even though officially, no such position exists and the government has not advertised for it.
Bassam al-Husseiny said he receives eight to 10 phone calls a day, and 20 to 30 e-mails by those who want the assignment. The interested Iraqis, he said, come from all three of the country’s major religions and ethnicities and from high-level government officials to “the tea boy.”
One of those interested, a Shiite Muslim named Abdul, said there is not a house in Iraq that has not held a funeral because of Hussein. He explained that he is “not the only one” who wants to execute the former dictator.

It’s an equal-opportunity position! The Iraqi government could probably save on the salary, too, as most of the applicants would probably work for free. It won’t take much experience, either. Applicants will have to demonstrate how to pull the floor from beneath someone’s feet, a trick Saddam taught Iraq over and over again during his disastrous reign as the 100% Dictator.
They won’t take too long in the interview process. Considering all of the trouble that could already be brewing over Saddam’s execution, they will want to do this quickly. I’d suggest that Nouri al-Maliki choose the technique used by magicians the world over … pick a Kurd, any Kurd.