9/1 Keynote Speaker: Dick Cheney

10:20 Lynne Cheney gives the introduction for the Vice President, Dick Cheney. She comes across as sharp, blunt, and likeable. She seems tougher than Laura Bush. In an imperfect comparison, she reminds me stylistically of Katherine Hepburn, while Laura reminds me more of Audrey Hepburn.
10:23 Good reception for the VP, who seems a little amused by it …
10:25 That was Sarah Janisczak [sp] from Minnesota on screen …
10:26 And that was Col. Joe Repya from Eagan, MN, who I will feature in an interview later on tonight ..
10:30 Dick Cheney has a much more mellow speaking style than Miller, obviously. After a great, self-deprecating riff on John Edwards get s a laugh, he follows that up with a good policy speech, this time targeting Edwards a bit more bitingly with tort reform…
10:31 Another disturbance on the floor? I’ll try to get some information tomorrow …
10:33 Here is where Cheney’s calm, rational delivery really works. It cuts through the passions on national security and gives him a Joe Friday kind of credibility. …
10:36 Cheney delivers good news but rather dispassionately, and it’s not holding my interest terribly well. He’s not connecting personally; he’s giving a laundry list of accomplishments, more of a State of the Union speech than inspirational stump work. I’ve seen him better than this…
10:38 In regards the last, perhaps this plays better inside the Garden than outside of it. But I don’t think so, judging from the respectable but not really adulatory reaction he’s getting…
10:43 That’s the Dick Cheney we know — cutting, sarcastic, and funny. He scored big points by reminding John Kerry, who has said that he’d launch strikes after America had been attacked, that we have already been attacked
10:45 “There is a difference to leading a coalition of many nations than submitting to the objections of a few.”
10:46 Well, that’s new — chants of “Flip-Flop” resound through the hall, and earn another amused look from Cheney …
10:48 “A Senator can be wrong for 20 years without consequence to the nation.” I don’t know if I agree with that — I think that Kerry’s foolish inconsistencies did do some actual damage, and certainly his lack of legislative accomplishement deprived the country of vital input at the highest level …
10:50 More flip-flops …
10:52 “John Kerry sees two Americas. It makes the whole thing mutual. America sees two John Kerrys.” His best line of the speech. Do you think the Democrats will be anxious to trot that theme out any time soon?
10:57 Dick Cheney’s finished up now, and his family has joined him just off the dais. It was a good speech, but nothing much more than a journeyman effort. I’ve heard the President live, on the stump, and even if his tongue trips more often than Cheney’s and other speakers, he has more passion and much less monotone in his delivery than Cheney has in his own. I think the President will do better by comparison. Wait until people start creating conspiracy theories over that.

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    . . . Cheney doesn’t need to be impassioned, he needs to be solid, stalwart, steady and calm. He is the “gravitas” — that annoying characterization that is STILL a plus for Bush in comparison to the flip-flopping Kerry and the featherweight Edwards.

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