Bob Graham Cools Them Off

Bob Graham has killed all the momentum that Al Sharpton provided with his emotional and raw attack speech on George Bush. His problem is part content and part delivery. He’s almost as exciting as John Kerry, and that’s no compliment.
First, he compared the first 1000 days of WWII to the War on Terror, saying we have not even established a beachhead. Perhaps that’s because this isn’t an amphibious war, Senator. We’ve managed to liberate 50 million people, though, something we couldn’t claim in WWII until far later. Then he said that proposals to fix security holes still haven’t been implemented 1,000 days after 9/11, but he failed to mention that the bipartisan commission insisted upon by the Democrats only delivered those recommendations last week.
I was going to live-blog his speech, but it’s very hard to do that when I keep falling asleep. He’s managed to stomp out all of the energy at Fleet Center. Why do they have this guy on in prime time?

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  1. DNC Day 3, Take 5 – Bob Graham edition

    I wonder if Graham’s going to have to rush now. I wonder if he’ll call for reparations too? Updates a comin’.

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