Here’s Another Guy Who Got His RNC Credentials

CNN reports on another new-media kind of guy who got credentials to the Republican National Convention next month in New York City:

[CNN’s Tom] Foreman: Are you going to go to the Republican convention?
[Michael] Moore: Yes, I am. I already have my credentials.
Foreman: How do you think you’ll be received there?
Moore: I think it will be fine. Are you implying that Republicans are not nice people?

Michael Moore, the auteur who brought you Fahrenheit 9/11, has been credentialed as a columnist for USA Today, who earlier felt that Ann Coulter was too incendiary for publication. I suppose they feel no reservations about Moore’s well-known track record for making things up and pulling facts out of context and twisting them to his own purposes.
Perhaps I’ll get a chance to interview Moore. I have my copy of Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man; I’ll be sure to bring it.

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