The Really New Media

While we at Bloggers Corner have been congratulating ourselves on being the New Media here at the convention, this morning I got an opportunity to meet the really new media. Two young journalists for the New York Daily News took a break at Bloggers Corner this morning: Kibuchi Banfield, 17 years old, and Marie Ponsot, 11 years old. The Daily News credentialed them to do some free-lance reporting from the convention, and their work appeared in today’s edition (second item):

We think if the state is offering the services, it should be responsible for getting residents enrolled. She was talking like people are totally independent from the federal government.
Plus, schools are busy enough trying to meet testing standards without doing extra work. Maybe older teens can help younger kids get health insurance through a community service project. But an uninsured child under the age of 5 can’t be responsible for himself.

They carried themselves rather professionally, and even knew about blogs, which puts them above most of their colleagues. Last I saw of them, they were buttonholing politicians for interviews on Radio Row and doing a pretty good job of it.
In fact, what the heck am I doing giving this much attention to my competition?
UPDATE: Hey, the kids got an Instalanche!

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  1. Damn teenagers

    Grumble grumble damn teenyboppers grumble grumble upstarts grumble whippersnappers grumble grumble grumble… So I’ve been doing this blog thing for what? Four months now? And I keep reading about this thing called an “Instalanche”. All the cool blogge…

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