Damage Control, etc

Mickey Kaus continues to have fun with this story. Unfortunately, he’s probably right about the transient nature of the bounce; it’s likely a result of Ah-nold trying to “terminate” the scandal with a quick mea culpa, as well as the high level of disgust at the LA Times for spending several weeks specifically to dredge up this kind of crap.
It’s not that I don’t think that the women are lying, although the fact that four of the six won’t identify themselves, and all six never availed themselves of the legal system, does not give me confidence. Arnold himself acknowledged that he’s done something, after all. And the incidents in the report are all ugly. But for crying out loud, after all the screeching the Times did over the Clinton sexual peccadiloes (that occured while he was in office, with staff underlings, on the public dime) being blown out of proportion and none of our business, what the hell were they doing spending all that money specifically to dig up this specific kind of dirt?