Dru Sjodin Breaking News

This wasn’t the kind of news we were hoping was coming when the media announced a break in the Dru Sjodin case:

A Crookston, Minn., man has been arrested and is facing a kidnapping charge in the disappearance of Dru Sjodin, police said. Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., 50, was arrested on Monday at 7:20 p.m. in Crookston, Grand Forks police said.

What’s most disturbing is the last paragraph in the necessarily terse statement:

Police said a search for Sjodin is ongoing. Police said no further information will be released until a press briefing on Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately for the Sjodin family, an arrest without recovering Dru alive looks like we’re not going to get good news in tomorrow’s briefing. I’m trying to keep my hopes up, but this is tough to hear.
I’m not sure why this case resonates with me so much. I suppose it could be that Dru is close to the same age as my son and daughter-in-law, and they’re both students, too. I think it’s more about the circumstances of Dru’s disappearance; one moment she’s talking with her boyfriend on her cell phone, and then he hears, “Oh, my God,” and that’s the last anyone has heard from her. It doesn’t help that three scumwads tried to adbuct a 17-year-old girl last Friday in Hermantown.
In the next few days, we’ll be hearing more about how young women can protect themselves from abduction attempts like these, and that will be good information for their security, but you know what else it is? It’s bull****. It insinuates, oh so subtly, that somehow Dru and that 17-year-old in Hermantown were just a little bit complicit in these attacks. They didn’t do something right; they didn’t “check their six”; they dressed too flashy, or made too much eye contact, or blah blah blah. It’s wrong. Dru didn’t disappear because she was foolish — she disappeared because some scumwad decided that his urges outweighed her right to live her life, and that’s all.
Let’s continue praying that Dru will be found alive and unharmed; in fact, let’s pray for all of those who have been abducted and held against their will. God willing, maybe tomorrow will bring good news.
UPDATE: I’ve posted more on the story here, and heard some bad news here.