When Ideology Trumps Common Sense

You can file this one under “What Are These People Smoking?” In fact, that would make a good category here:

Fired for walking into his office drunk, toting a loaded, sawed-off shotgun and saying he was looking for his bosses, a Canadian man wants his union to help him get his job back. … The city of Moncton dismissed him, but a week later Pavlovsky went to his union to protest the firing and members agreed the union should help him try to get his job back once he finishes his prison term [emphasis mine].

Someone tell me this is satire, because this is something I’d expect in a fevered-nightmare hypothetical from the fringe right wing. The union is going to fight to get this guy back in the office, after showing up for work with a loaded illegal weapon, intending to kill people? Cases like these are why non-idiotarians have such an issue with organized labor. Far too often it’s not about building better work conditions for its members — it’s about protecting the idiots from the normal consequences of their own actions.