Disney Insanity

By the time I finished the show yesterday and the rest of us shook off the travel fatigue, we didn’t make it to the Magic Kingdom park until well after dark. We didn’t get a chance to do many rides, but we did see the spectacular fireworks display and get a chance to walk around the park. For someone who grew up around Disneyland in Anaheim, the differences between the parks is impressive — and the resorts are even more so.
However, there is something particularly obnoxious about receiving your wake-up call from giggling and screaming cartoon characters. Yeesh.
Today we do Epcot, starting with a Princess Breakfast at 9 am ET. The Little Admiral has been almost unable to contain herself waiting for this. This should be prime video material. Speaking of which, we took a little video last night on a ride that came out pretty dark. Can you guess where my sister took this?

We took this with my Aiptek IS-DV2, which I wrote about here. It’s the only camera I took on this trip, and so far it seems to be doing fine. I haven’t drained the batteries yet, but I only took about five minutes of video. It’s not good at night video (as we found out above), but I’d normally be using it in better lighting conditions anyway.