Moving Back To The Twin Cities Offices

My two-week visit to my West Coast offices have come to an end, and I’m moving the operation back to the Twin Cities in time for business tomorrow. It will be a busy week; at Heading Right Radio tomorrow, I’ll have Governor Mike Huckabee on a recorded interview and Rep. Tom Cole from the NRCC live. The show will air at the special time of 1 pm CT, one hour earlier than usual, so be sure to adjust your schedules!
Speaking of which, I’ve finally gotten the correct URL for the iTunes subscription. You can now find that here:
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We had a great time visiting with good friends like Hugh Hewitt, Duane Patterson, NZ Bear, and everyone at Investors Business Daily. I had a great visit with Pajamas Media, and they have a video interview of me which will be released soon at their website. Next time, we’ll leave some time to visit with more of our friends.

One thought on “Moving Back To The Twin Cities Offices”

  1. Now that you’re back in the Twin Cities; can you give updates on how inconvenient it is, with the bridge down?
    Oh. And, updates that include the local news on the project of rebuilding the bridge over the Mississippi.
    Can ferries be used to go from shore to shore? From side to side?
    How are people handling how they get to work on time?

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