The Little Admiral Discovers Olives

We just returned from our Thanksgiving celebration, exhausted from the food and the fun. Our granddaughter, the Little Admiral, managed to combine the two:
Her big cousin Allie, seen just behind her, taught her that little trick tonight. We were both surprised she didn’t know it already! I hope everyone learned a new trick or two today to have fun with their loved ones.
Technical notes: I used my Aiptek IS-DV2+ camera to shoot a few dozen shots of the event. I even let the Little Admiral and her cousin Connor take a few shots. I took this picture without the flash in 8-megapixel mode, and it looks pretty good. It’s hard to keep a camera this small still, and the Little Admiral was moving when I snapped the shutter, but it still looks good enough for candid photography. I noticed that the batteries tend to run down fairly soon on this camera, but the two original AAs managed to make it through the day. In the future, though, I’ll make sure I bring backups — preferably rechargeable AAs.