Celebrate Veterans Day With Project Valour-IT!

BlogWorld Expo had plenty of reasons to make attendance last week worthwhile, but meeting Chuck Ziegenfuss was one of the best. Chuck began the Project Valour-IT fundraising effort at Soldier’s Angels, the fund that gives voice-operated laptops to severely wounded veterans who need help in re-establishing themselves in civilian society. I joined the Navy team, which appears to have solidified our hold on last place. Yikes!
The contest is all in fun, but the donations go to a great cause and to wonderful people who risked their lives and health for our nation. On Veterans Day, please find a few more dollars to support the men and women who need and deserve our support.
And to our veterans — including the Admiral Emeritus and all three of my mother’s brothers — thank you for your service to our nation.

One thought on “Celebrate Veterans Day With Project Valour-IT!”

  1. Thanks, Ed, for the posts to help notify your readers of this valuable project.
    BTW, Soldier’s Angels will be glad to accept donations all year long for ValOUR-IT, so…as the spirit moves you to lend a buck or two, it will go to good use.
    We won last year, so at least we’re batting .500!

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