Project Valour IT

You’ll notice that today’s Day By Day cartoon, besides its normal humor, promotes an effort to provide voice-command laptop computers to service members injured in the war. Project Valour IT is run by Soldier’s Angels, a fine organization that adopts soldiers and Marines on the front lines to make sure each of our fighting men and women have someone back home supporting them. You can find out more about Project Valour IT there, or at the following blogs:
Dean’s World
And here at From My Position, meet the soldier that inspired Project Valour IT.

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  1. Thanks to Chris

    Thanks to Chris
    A big thank you to Chris Muir of Day by Day for helping to spread the word about Project Valour IT.
    Soldier’s Angels and the inspiration for Project Valour IT, Captian Ziegenfuss were featured this past Sunday in the Washington Pos…

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