4 thoughts on “I’m So … Embarrassed”

  1. I am like Saddam Hussein

    After seeing some of the great bloggers, Mitch Berg, Powerline and the Captain do it, I endured a grueling battery of 47 questions in the leadership test, only to find out I am like Saddam Hussein?!?! What Famous Leader Are

  2. Who Knew?

    I had a good laugh over the unfortunate results some of my favorite bloggers achieved when they were silly enough to take SimilarMinds.com’s personality test, “What Famous Leader Are You?” Power Line’s Hindrocket and Self-composed’s Eric turn out to be

  3. Where’s my Spiderhole?

    The Cap’n took one of those online personality quizzes to determine what leader he was most like. Much to his horror, he has a bright future ahead of him “feeling your pain.” Get used to biting your lip and dissecting…

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