Next up, we’ll ask if he had a lawnmower

Does this qualify as breaking news at ABC?

ABC screened the special for some reporters and religious leaders on Thursday. The program is based on the best-selling novel, “The DaVinci Code,” which claims to be partly grounded on historical fact. The book asserts that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife — not a prostitute, as in some teachings — and that she fled Jerusalem with his child following his crucifixion. … The show unravels like a mystery perpetuated by secondhand gossip. Vargas said ABC found no proof that Jesus had a wife, but couldn’t completely discount it, either.

Here’s a list of other things they couldn’t prove as well:
* Did Jesus have an Easy-Saver card?
* Did Jesus have a black-velvet painting of Elphaes ben-Presley?
* Did Jesus have the heartbreak of psoriasis?
* Did Jesus have a good singing voice?
* Did Jesus have a wristband that said WWMD? (What Would Moses Do?)
C’mon … you can’t prove that he didn’t have any of these either. In fact, you can’t prove a negative, so it’s a colossal waste of time and effort to debate such things. If ABC News has time for this stuff, why does their war coverage suck so much?
UPDATE: Check out Amy Wellborn’s post on this topic, too.