Elvira Arellano Deported

The government acted quickly to deport illegal alien-cum-immigration activist Elvira Arellano after her arrest yesterday. Within hours of her capture, after years of defying the order for her second deportation, American officials deported her to Tijuana. Supporters expressed outrage over her quick ejection:

Elvira Arellano was arrested Sunday afternoon outside Our Lady Queen of Angels church in Los Angeles. She was deported several hours later, said the Rev. Walter Coleman, pastor of Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago, where Arellano had taken refuge.
“She has been deported. She is free and in Tijuana,” said Coleman, who said he spoke to her on the phone. “She is in good spirits. She is ready to continue the struggle against the separation of families from the other side of the border.” …
Arellano, 32, became a symbol of the struggles of illegal immigrant parents when she took refuge in the church to avoid being separated from her 8-year-old son Saul, who was born in the U.S. and is thus a citizen.

Arellano’s odyssey began with her illegal entry into the US in 1997. Sho got deported for illegal entry, but then came back across the border illegally again and wound up working at Chicago’s O’Hare International, cleaning planes. Unfortunately for Arellano, when she got the job, she committed Social Security fraud and got caught in 2002.
Arellano got prosecuted for her second illegal entry, but the immigration service did not detain her. Instead, Arellano got to remain free under the previous catch-and-release program. She was ordered to report back to authorities last summer, but instead took refuge in a Chicago church and refused to come out.
So did the government storm the church in an Elian Gonzalez-style raid, facing her down with automatic rifles, and drag her out of the place of worship? Not exactly. Arellano decided to drive to Los Angeles to take part in a planned protest against immigration policy. Authorities found out about it and arrested the fugitive, and immediately executed the deportation order, as required by law.
Naturally, to the protestors, this was the fault of the government. “How dare they arrest this woman?” one asked, apparently astonished that law enforcement actually takes their jobs seriously. I’d say the question should be more along the lines of why it took so long to arrest her. No one questions her illegal entry; no one questions her commission of Social Security fraud. Apparently the activists simply want the government to ignore the law as much as they do.
Well, one can hardly blame them. For years, the government did exactly that. However, when Arellano made it as obvious as she did, they had to expect some kind of reaction. Perhaps this means that the government has decided to take immigration enforcement a little more seriously, but we’ll have to see whether that just applies to those who publicly thumb their noses at ICE or whether it applies to everyone who breaks the law.

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  1. A United Methodist Church harbors someone who has committed fraud yet none on the Left side of the aisle are whaling about the intrustive religious? No screams of theocracy?
    That said, back in 1998 friends of mine who lived in the US since 1990 were kicked out of the country even though their son was ‘born in the US and thus is a citizen’ becasue their sponsor had a tax problem.
    Instead of the INS or ICE why not send in the IRS to take care of the problem. If there is one thing local, state and federal government will protect at all cost it is their precious tax dollars.

  2. It’s seems a joke. Big headlines and picture of this woman on Drudge being deported. What about the illegals who murder people? When was the last time we saw publication of their deportation? [silence]

  3. I hope she ran up a huge bill for the church that harbored her. It won’t compensate the government (read taxpayers) for the costs of repeated processing and handling and the expense of her anchor baby, but it will drain the coffers and cause some economic pain for the aiding and abetting congregation.
    Yes, this will be spun as a “cruel America” by the complicit MSM, but who cares about the MSM and the illegal alien cheerleaders the vast majority of this nation has so unfairly endured. Enough is enough. Let the Geraldos of the world throw their tantrums. We all know who the actual racists are, so their vacuous charges have entered the empty rhetoric quiver alongside the arrows of “fascist” and “Nazi.”

  4. One small step for man….
    She should be deported. If she doesn’t want to leave her son… Take him with her! Shame on our government for letting her back in the second time!

  5. I find it amusing that all the press coverage said Immigration Activist arrested. Immigration Activist ?
    This woman was a law breaker. I can hardly wait to see the headlines , Chemical Substance Distributor Being Questioned by Police the next time a major drug dealer is arrested. Or maybe Oral Technician Caught Performing Experiments on Street Corner.

  6. Jorge Bush’s hard working amigos!
    What the mainstream media won’t tell you is Elvira has been deported once if not twice before, which is a felony (to re-enter the country after being deported).
    She also used a fake social security number to secure a job at O’Hare airport in Chicago.
    It comes down to this: The police, the government and the media won’t go after these illegals because of their ethnicity: Latino. They are the new protected class.
    “A country without borders is not a country”.

  7. I have never understood why there’s any discussion of “breaking up families”. Residency doesn’t decide custody, which is not a federal issue anyhow. If an illegal immigrant has custody of a minor US citizen, by all means deport mother and child. His citizenship doesn’t expire, he can return freely in 10 years.

  8. syn:
    Sorry for the nit, but using the wrong words is a pet peeve of mine.
    You meant wailing. Whaling is what you do when you are putting sharp metal objects into large marine mammals.

  9. Call the Wambulance

    I am not really for breaking families apart,but we need to get rid of the Anchor Baby Law, so things like this don’t happen. If you are in this country illegally, your children should also be illegal. This Anchor Baby

  10. I like the way this ILLEGAL ALIEN with fake papers was able to get a job cleaning airliners IN 2002.

  11. Edward
    Don’t you know that they are undocumented pharmacists, or homeless alternative care providers? drug pushers/dealers is a racist term meant to castigate minority entrepreneurs.
    I am sorry it took this long to execute justice, and I am sure, if the Minister of this moonbat
    ‘church’ is so distraught, they can buy a plane ticket for the kid to Tiajuana.

  12. I like the way this ILLEGAL ALIEN with fake papers was able to get a job cleaning airliners IN 2002.
    Yeah, no kidding! I guess we’re lucky she wasn’t a member of Al Qaeda, huh?

  13. She also used a fake social security number to secure a job at O’Hare airport in Chicago.

    I think this is also a crime that thos in favor of doing little to control illegal immigration ignore.
    Document fraud and identity stealing are huge business among the illegal immigrant crowd.
    It seems like so many have all this stored up empathy for the illegal, while they leave very little for the american citizen whose identity was stolen and who has to deal with reams of paperwork to clear their credit reports, social security and all the stress this causes.
    Document fraud is a crime, and while it doesn’t cause physical harm, it can be an extremely stressful experience for ther person whose identity is stolen.

  14. Fastest Deportation Ever

    Who said illegal aliens couldn’t be deported quickly? We noted Saturday how leftwing pawn Elvira Arellano had finally left the Chicago church where she was holed up the past year and what do you know, she’s already back in Mexico.

  15. She was a real criminal, not an economic refugee. The wife of one of my coworkers had her social security number used by illegal aliens; their first clue was an IRS audit, triggered by “unreported income” from several restaurants — the IRS auditor was “amazed” at how industrious my coworker’s wife was. Following the audit was hours of work on their part filing police reports, getting fraud alerts placed on their credit reports, and tons of anxiety.
    If you’ve ever seen Coneheads and laughed at the DiCiccio gag, think of it as real and with that target “not yet dead”.
    To “The Yell”:
    Elvira’s son is an American citizen and therefore has the right to remain in the US; that right cannot be taken from him if he does not choose to have it so. Elvira undoubtedly (for her own selfish reasons) convinced her son to stay. Somehow, I think she’ll be back — sort of like Typhoid Mary, who could not be convinced to quit cooking for rich families.
    Personally, I think our immigration laws are stupid and need to be changed to be more in line with the ones extant in Abe Lincoln’s time — pay your landing tax (which covers the cost of our Government vetting you as a net contributor to our economy and not a security risk) and be on your way. And for those who refuse to stand in line and be counted — the door the first time, hard labor the second.

  16. The Elvira case as the Newark murder case are the “force mulitpliers” on the issue of mass immigration (legal and illegal).
    The public, perhaps 75% are quite upset from a variety of issues related to mass immigration – bilingualism (the pushing of Spanish everywhere in our nation), identity theft, social security fraud, income tax evasion, the “fading” of our sovereignty, the constant “Hispandering” to Lationos, the effect of illegals on our schools and hospitals.
    But undetered, the “free trade uber alles”, open borders, globalist crowd will not give up.

  17. “Elvira’s son is an American citizen and therefore has the right to remain in the US; that right cannot be taken from him if he does not choose to have it so.”
    But like so many other rights, his access to them while a minor can be restricted. Other citizens his age cannot decide to live in a different state from their parents, for instance.

  18. I’m not excited, she’ll be back next week just as vocal as before. When is the government going to get serious and arrest and prosecute the people who provided “sanctuary.” Aiding and abetting breaking the law is a crime for thee and me, why not for the leaders of the Chicago church?

  19. So she’s “free” in Tiajuana. IF this scofflaw does make it back into the United States (and how long it takes her, when her Mexican mug should be on every database in every state), it will demonstrate just exactly how stringent our border patrol currently is … or is not.

  20. Elvira Arellano Deported Back to Mexico:ONE DOWN

    It is their responsibility to come here legally. It is their responsibility to apply for legal status. It is their responsibility to understand what this will do to their children.

  21. If she had just applied for citizenship 10 years ago instead of stealing someone elses SSN she might be an american by now.

  22. It’s possibe that she’ll borrow money from a credit card that she acquired while she was here to pay a smuggler (coyote) to bring her right back here.
    I wonder if it’s time to change the citizenship requirement for so-called anchor babies? Automatic U.S. citizenship if you’re born here AND your mother was in the U.S. legally.
    It might lessen the incentive a bit for people to sneak across.

  23. Prominent Border Jumper Deported

    I can always handle a little good news — and getting this immigration scofflaw out of the country definitely qualifies. An illegal immigrant who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year to avoid being separated from her U.S.-born…

  24. what really needs to happen is the group of concerned citizens for illegal immigrant free america should boycot these financial institutions that freely make money off of the illegals and provide them with a financial support network to make their lives easier. how many ads do you see out there these days with “NO SSN# REQUIRED”? they are targeting illegals! these are companies like bank of america! when are we finally going to start boycotting these businesses who make money by providing services to the illegals?????

  25. The MSM (and her supporters) fails to understand that this “activist” didn’t become one until she was BUSTED (again) and ran to a church for protection! She’s no activist, she was just trying to avoid deportation. She found a lot of support and started flaunting her illegal status for her own benefit. This is all about her and not about her son, she’s just using him in an attempt to garner sympathy. She’ll get no sympathy for me.
    This had nothing to do with her son, for if she truly loved her son, she would have taken care of this problem a long time ago and would no doubt have become a legal citizen here. She tried to cheat the system and now she’s finally paying the price. Too bad her son has to pay the price for her selfishnesses. He’s the only victim here.

  26. Elvira had already been deported a couple of times before she re-entered ILLEGALLY YET AGAIN and immediately got pregnant to an ANCHOR BABY (remember, anchor baby policy has NO FOUNDATION in AMERICAN LAW).
    Who is taking bets the scam artist is back in the USA ILLEGALLY AGAIN in less than 24 hours???
    Because of their rapid support of such witches, it wouldn’t bother me one single iota to make being a member of any Socialist organization, like the ACLU and the Democrat Party, totally criminally and feloneously illegal, by reason of TREASON, not one darned bit.

  27. Too bad her son has to pay the price for her selfishnesses. He’s the only victim here.
    Posted by: Ray at August 20, 2007 7:49 PM
    NOT D#$%#D HARDLY!
    As a near-border resident, I solemnly affirm and do aver to you that whether you count the cost or not, EVERY LAW ABIDING CITIZEN is also her victim.
    And you pay a very real cost for it, like it, or recognize it – or love it – or not. It’s a real cost and you really do pay for it.

  28. Elvira Arellano-The “Mexican Rosa Parks?-Not Hardly
    On August 19, ICE agents arrested Mexican national, Elvira Arellano, 32, in Los Angeles. Ms Arellano was taken into custody as an illegal alien, processed and deported to her native Mexico within 24 hours. Her eight year old son, who was born in the US and thus holds US citizenship, was left behind in the care of supporters when Ms Arellano chose not to take him with her to Mexico. This arrest and deportation was the culmination of a year-long saga that began when Ms Arellano, who was under a deportation order, took refuge in the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago. The case has aroused national attention, and immigration activists have rallied to her cause. Some have even taken the liberty of referring to Ms Arellano as the “Mexican Rosa Parks” because of her act of defying immigration authorities.
    Ms Arellano originally entered the US illegally in 1997. Subsequent to her arrival, her son was born on US soil. Ms Arellano was later deported, only to return to the US again (illegally). In 2002, she was arrested in Chicago, where she was working at O’Hare Airport cleaning planes. In addition to immigration charges, she was also charged with using a false social security number and ordered deported. Instead of leaving, she defied the authorities, and in 2006, took refuge in the United Methodist Church in Chicago under the protection of Pastor Walter Coleman. Pastor Coleman in the past year, has given several interviews in which he has defiantly justified the action, claiming that the government’s immigration policy was broken. In order to rub salt in the wound, Ms Arellano has also often spoken publicly to reporters criticizing the US policies and NAFTA, which “have done much damage to her country, forcing her to come to the US”.
    Things came to a head this past week when Ms Arellano announced that she was planning to leave her sanctuary in order to travel to Washington and participate in demonstrations for immigration reform. Attention then focused on ICE and what action they would take. Then, yesterday, Arellano turned up in Los Angeles, at the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Angels in the downtown area. (This church is the domain of controversial Cardinal, Roger Mahony, who has drawn criticism for his handling of the pedophile priest scandal as well as his support for illegal alien amnesty.) As mentioned above, Arellano was arrested outside the church, processed and quickly deported. Given the option of taking her son with her, she declined, leaving him in the care of her supporters. As of this writing, Arellano is in the border town of Tijuana, while her son is reportedly en route back to Chicago.
    I applaud the action of ICE for their (long overdue) enforcement of the law. For obvious reasons, they chose not to invade the Chicago church to take her into custody. I realize that many, even among the secure borders crowd, feel badly that Ms Arellano and her son have been separated. (The father, whoever he is, is not in the picture.) But the choice was Ms Arellano’s not to take him with her to Mexico, which she was free to do. Why is she leaving him behind? Probably to prolong the issue and bring criticism to the US Government.
    A couple of other aspects of this case must be remembered: First, Ms Arellano had already been deported, returned, was ordered deported again and refused, fleeing to the church instead. Then she made a public spectacle of the whole story, in effect telling the government that our immigration laws be damned. She and her supporters, including the aforementioned Pastor Walter Coleman, have literally rubbed our noses in it.
    It should also be stressed that this woman stole someone else’s identity- a criminal offense- by working with a false social security number. How can ICE, in a post-911 world, not take action against any illegal alien working at a major airport under a false identity?
    Elvira Arellano, in my view, should give up her crusade to live in this country and send for her son to join her in Mexico. When he comes of age, he can decide whether he wants to assert his US citizenship and return here.
    One more point. Ms Arellano is no Rosa Parks, and the comparison is an insult to the latter. Rosa Parks was being denied her fundamental rights as a US citizen (and human being) in another era and under an unjust local law. She was arrested for refusing to surrender her bus seat to a white man! Our immigration laws are not unjust. They are the same as any other country in one basic respect: We maintain the sovereign right to allow or refuse entry to anyone we please. No non-citizen has the right to enter America (or any other nation) without proper documentation and passing through the appropriate checkpoint. Elvira Arellano and her open-border supporters were basically telling us that we could take our laws and ……., well, you know. At least on this occasion, justice was, albeit belatedly, served.
    gary fouse

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