How Convenient

The United States has long opposed a second term as IAEA chief for Mohammed ElBaradei. The BBC now reports that the nomination period has completed, and only one candidate qualified for the post. Guess who?

The head of the UN nuclear watchdog, Mohammed ElBaradei has emerged as the only candidate for the post of the agency’s next director general.
Mr ElBaradei hopes to be re-elected for a third term, but the US does not want his mandate to be renewed.
Privately, some US officials have complained that Mr ElBaradei – who has held the post since 1997 – has been too soft on both Iran and Iraq.

The IAEA had inspectors in Iraq for years and yet did not ever resolve the issue of WMDs. For instance, Saddam managed to keep hidden all of the core research of his nuclear-weapons program from the IAEA and UN inspectors in the yard of Saddam’s program chief, along with a prototype centrifuge. In Iran, ElBaradei’s efforts have allowed the mullahcracy to employ stall tactics while they complete their work to build their nuclear weapons. The Iranians already have the launch vehicle, the Shahab-3, that has the range to strike anywhere in Southwest Asia and even into Europe.
Now, at the expiration of his term, it would appear the only way he could keep his job would be for no one else to apply for it. Not coincidentally, that’s exactly what happened. The sole nomination, the BBC reminds us, does not automatically grant ElBaradei a new term. However, it does make it rather difficult for the IAEA’s board of governors to select anyone else. We should prepare ourselves for another four years of appeasement and dilatory tactics.

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