Earlier today, I wrote about my reluctance to celebrate the well-deserved execution of Saddam Hussein. However, I also don’t intend to protest it or call it anything other than justice. CQ reader Stoo sends this YouTube of an anchor at WESH, an NBC affiliate in Orlando, who called the event an “assassination”:

Uh, no. Saddam got convicted in a trial in which he put on a defense, although he used the “I’m in charge and therefore everything I do is legal by definition” defense that Nixon tried, with even worse results. An Iraqi court sentenced him to die for the mass and serial murders of Dujail residents, and deserved it for the hundreds of thousands of others he committed.
Executed, yes. Killed, if you like. But “assassinated”? Absolutely ridiculous, and yet another example of the media’s abject failure to cover Saddam Hussein with any intelligence or objectivity.
CORRECTION: It’s WESH in Orlando. I misread the screen, and have corrected the text above.

10 thoughts on “‘Assassinated’?”

  1. Saddam Hussein is still dead.

    It ain’t the fall that gets you, it’s that sudden stop at the end. Ain’t that right, Saddam. … Saddam?
    Hang down your head Mad Saddam
    Hang down your head and cry
    Hang down your head you madman
    Poor boy you got to die.

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