He’ll Scour The Golf Courses Looking For The Real Thief

Guess who’s back in the sights of investigators? Following a theft of sports memorabilia at Palace Station Casino, law enforcement confirmed that they interrogated OJ Simpson in connection to the crime:

Metro police confirmed early Friday morning that O.J. Simpson was questioned in connection to a theft at the Palace Station Casino.
Police spokesman Jose Montoya said Simpson was questioned about a hotel room break-in at the casino late Thursday night. Montoya said the theft involved sports memorabilia, but offered no further details.
Police said Simpson has been released and is believed to be in Las Vegas.

Palace Station is a second-tier casino, but a good place to stay anonymous and gamble lightly. I’d say that it’s a good place to stay out of trouble, but OJ can’t manage to do even that much. And besides, he owes Fred Goldman $33 million — what’s he doing at a casino?
Las Vegas says they will have more later this morning on the case.

8 thoughts on “He’ll Scour The Golf Courses Looking For The Real Thief”

  1. This dirtbag constantly seems to be holding on to an incredible amount of money and assetts for somebody that deeply in debt.

  2. Questioning OJ is a waste of time! The guy knows how to feel people. He just has to talk.
    Meanwhile, as far as I’m concerned, Obama, even with Oprah’s support, a way too late to collect a presidency on the affirmative action crowd’s behaviors. Here? A good reminder of what ya got for ya money from the OJ jurors.
    To OJ? Well, his name’s in the paper.
    Reminds me. Walter Winchell used to get sued a lot. And, he used to say, “… as long as they keep suing.” He got his name out in front of the people, pretty free of charge.
    Who made “sports memorabilia” into this big deal, anyway? All looks like junk ta me.

  3. Vegas does have lots of golf courses. It would be a good place for Nicole and Ron’s murderer to hide.
    (Actually, right in the open.)

  4. Betcha he’s there selling autographs for $75 a pop, hoping that Fred Goldman won’t winkle to the fact and take the proceeds away from him.
    I keep wondering how that black LA jury that acquitted him feel watching him bop through what’s left of his life. I sincerely hope they each and every one of them feel as stupid and foolish as I think they are, and that when OJ is mugged by reality like he is being now, they’re also embarrassed that they are responsible for his freedom.

  5. You know what stinks about this case other than we are being bombarded with OJ crap again is this. Along with OJ, 5 men reportedly entered the room, two of which were armed and stated they were police officers. Two scenarios. Either they were falsely representing themselves, which I would think real cops wouldn’t take to kindly to and should immediately place them under arrest, or they WERE REAL police officers who OJ happened to recruit for his “personal sting” operation. The latter would explain the lack of arrests in this case and we may see ‘reprimands’ and, or, suspensions of a couple of Vegas cops shortly. Either way it stinks, it really stinks.

  6. I traded my sports card habit for comic books and action figures YEARS ago, but i still keep in touch with some people in the business. Scuttlebutt is that OJ signs autographs at shows for CASH, then tells the Goldman’s he’s broke or something :-/

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