Did Caragol Blow It?

For people who had hoped that oral sex and politics would see their last connection in the previous decade, a candidate for the Hialeah (Florida) city council wants to bring back an old favorite. Jose “Pepe” Caragol’s campaign tried out a new campaign slogan that has some residents wondering exactly what Pepe’s conception of the job might be (via Memeorandum):

Live in Hialeah? Like oral sex? Then one Hialeah City Council candidate thinks he’s the one who deserves your vote.
As election season intensifies in the City of Progress, incumbent Jose ”Pepe” Caragol, known for dishing out rhyming one-liners at city events, is catching criticism for a slogan he has been pitching on Spanish television.
Si te gusta el sexo oral, vote por Caragol por consejal,” Caragol said on a March 14 taping of the America Te-Ve show Seguro Que Yes! and in subsequent radio and television appearances.
The phrase, which rhymes in Spanish, translates as, “If you like oral sex, vote Caragol for council.”

Will Hialeah need to start worrying about wide stances or stained dresses? Does Pepe promise a fellatio in every pot? Why does Caragol equate support for his candidacy with oral sex?
The Miami Herald asked him this very question. Caragol says he didn’t mean anything by it, apparently just liking the rhyme. “‘People want to give it a negative interpretation, but anyone who knows me and my way of being knows that I didn’t mean for the comment to degrade or offend anyone.”
In other words, he’s just blowing hot air. In that sense, he doesn’t differ from most politicians. Caragol apparently just wants to let everyone know that government sucks, and he’s happy to run on that platform.

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  1. Amazing that people can actually manage to function in the world without any sort of common sense.

  2. Wait a minute. Hold the presses!
    You mean a Spanish jingle helps a candidate win?
    Did I hear you, correctly?
    A Spanish jingle?
    As to oral sex, I’m sure it gains recognizition; given how many people have tried it.
    What if this gimmick works?
    Will we get condoms, ahead, with political messages on the wrappers? With “go ahead, try me?”
    If nothing else this particular Caragol gets “name recognition!” What’s so bad about that? Seems to me the whole purpose in adertising your candidacy to adults old enough to vote, is to get “your name out there.”
    At least Caragol’s name ain’t Nixon.
    What are the odds on this one winning?

  3. Say Ed, as long as we’re on a light hearted thread, let me tell you what made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.
    Glenn Beck was bantering with his producer & they were commenting on how weird it was that Larry Craig tried to explain himself by saying when he put his hand under the divider, he was picking up a little scrap of toilet paper on the floor.
    Glenn ponders a bit and deadpans, “unless maybe he was a little bit anal.”

  4. If your last paragraph accurately portrays his position, this is a candidate for public office I could support!

  5. What slippery slope is he heading down? Tax breaks for doing it? Taxpayer funded educational classes on how to do it? Court ordered equal opportunity laws on who you do it with? Hmmmmm….

  6. Some time in l992 a woman who claimed to have had a 12 year affair with a Presidential candidate wrote the story of the affair for a “men’s magazine” She was called a liar and the tapes she had of some telephone conversations were pronounced doctored by a private detective hired by the candidate’s wife.(That private detective has since spent time in jail for his own shenanigans) In that story she told of the man’s preference for oral sex. Do you suppose if that story were to be currently published with what we now know that it would be dismissed as a lie?

  7. Caragol apparently just wants to let everyone know that government sucks, and he’s happy to run on that platform.

    Not quite, Ed.
    He thinks VOTERS suck.

  8. Perhaps the jingle was supposed to indicate that if one liked anal sex, one should vote for him (seeing as that is what the politicians typically do to their constituents in the figurative sense at least) – but the focus groups preferred the other line.

  9. The shameless vulgarity of Latin-Caribbean culture is one of the more vexing aspects of trying to raise a teenaged girl in greater Miami.

  10. Councilman Caragol has said worse things. Last year, following a council meeting, he had the nerve to tell me (a voter, “I don’t have to listen to what the people have to say, because I receive a packet of information and already know how I am going to vote (on an item), I have to listen to the city planner who does know what she is talking about, and I vote the way I want to because that’s why I am a councilman.”
    Vote for Caragol? NEVER.
    I know Mercy Dominguez and her husband, and know that they have fought for their neighborhood in Hialeah. Mercy is the best choice!
    Milly Herrera
    Hialeah, Florida

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