Doesn’t This Man Need To Spend More Time With His Family?

Alberto Gonzales once again threw gasoline on a fire in his testimony yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Hill reports that Gonzales once again spent the hearing zig-zagging and backtracking, stoking calls this time for a special prosecutor from one of the Republicans on the committee. He managed to reverse himself twice on the late-night meeting with John Ashcroft in one hearing, among other dubious achievements, some of which I watched on C-SPAN.
At Heading Right, I look at the latest in a series of poor performances by the Attorney General and question what value he provides to this administration. As Gonzales continues to flounder in a sea of his own contradictions, one has to wonder why the White House continues to allow this bleeding to continue.

52 thoughts on “Doesn’t This Man Need To Spend More Time With His Family?”

  1. So, he’s about as sharp as Janet Reno.
    If he’s willing to be Congress’ punching bag (on behalf of the President) for the next year and a half, let him do it. His Deputies at Justice can carry the ball while he takes the body blows. It’ll take the Senate longer to take him down than he has left in office.

  2. I can only assume that at this point doesn’t care. Any time Congress spends using Gonzalez as a punching bag is less time they can spend attacking Bush. If Gonzalez is mad enough to keep his post, he deserves what he gets.

  3. Whilst I have watched none of the Gonzales hearings, he must be extremely, extremely dense if he can be outmaneuvered by the likes of the folks interrogating him. Janet Reno dumb indeed. I am becoming quite worried about our govt: very worried for Republican quality, immensely worried about democrat quality. Where do we get these clowns?

  4. He needs to work on his performance skills, though. He spent quite a while flatly refusing to answer some questions put to him by Chuck Schumer without invoking any sort of privelege or without saying, “I have no recollection of…” He just refused to answer.
    Here’s some of it on YouTube.
    Waiting to see how that plays out later. It should be interesting.

  5. Well, if he is ever brought up on charges ala Libby there will be very few people who will be able to claim he had such a perfect and meticulous memory that he had to know what was going on, or that his contradictions indicate perjury rather than stupidity or worse, i.e. that he is a fool rather than a knave.

  6. HEHEHE…
    Dogging the AG some more?
    Captain, I think the Powerline take on this was far more appropriate.
    You are apparently siding with the unethical nonsense of Leahy, Schumer, etc…
    And the inept fumblings of Sen. Specter?
    As if the Senate should JUDGE anyone…
    And you go along with the Circus?
    It really is telling, as some in the ‘bloggo’ world demand their first impressions are absolute, and will kick the dead horse all the way to the North Pole to maintain their convictions.
    The AG was again treated in a vicious, unethical manner in front of the ego-partisan driven Senate.
    He may not be perfect, but Conservatives who share your drive to bury him, are oddly not showing the same disgust for the Democrat slander machine trying to build his coffin.
    Really quite tiresome.
    It remains a deeply misguided effort, especially with the larger picture at hand, the GWOT and the battle for IRAQ.
    Besides, the overall policies presented by the AG, remains quite solid.
    He may not dot the ‘i’ well, but his Department has done some fine work in the GWOT, and in dealing with a number of other issues.
    Holding a grudge sinking your own ship is not impressive.
    Having the AG resign?
    Giving Schumer and the unethical Democrat Folly more fire, while NEVER getting another AG confirmed, (unless it is Al Franken).
    It amazes to see some, who seem to be so brilliant, miss the big picture.
    We see the same overt negative treatment of a number of fine Candidates for the GOP Presidential Nomination.
    Some critics who never managed a department, governed a body, or ran for office, present themselves in an all too lofty mindset.
    What is it that they have accomplished?

  7. At this point, Gonzales IS good for one thing. He is the target. If the WH gives him up, it won’t be a week before the puppies find another “scapegoat” to focus on.
    It keeps them chasing their tails.
    Rumsfeld was first, now Gonzales. They will continue to attempt to embassrass the admin with whoever they find.
    Incompetence does not equal illegal.

  8. So I gather that no one here cares about what is actually right or wrong or what’s good for the country. Your reaction to the realization that the Attorney General of the United States is corrupt, incompetent, and a blatant liar is that he makes a nice punching bag. Don’t you see any relationship between your rights and responsibilities as citizens and the upholding of fair and impartial law in this country? I really shouldn’t be shocked, but unfortunately, the low standards some of you people set for yourself and the country you profess to love continues to disappoint. I like to think that Republicans share the same patriotic love of country I see in Democrats, but no, for too many of you, this is just a game.

  9. Fanboys and defenders of Abu’s latest “performance” are all but going out and personally signing up moderates to vote democratic in the next election. Props to the Captain for seeming to understand that, except for his coy wonder about “why the White House continues to allow this bleeding to continue.” This is just plain silly and naive.
    Like all good republicans, Abu’s job is not to tell the truth, or uphold the Constitution of the US, or support the troops, or listen to the will of People. His job, like that of all good republicans, is to protect the president.
    Simple as that.

  10. GOP08_DOA,
    I will assume that any advise freely offered by you to the Republican party may not be intended to reflect what is in the best interests of the GOP. Is that a stretch?

  11. Immolate, the crux of the matter is that your party had the ideal opportunity to spread “compassionate conservatism” far and wide, and to this point you’ve failed miserably, because of people who represent you. You can heed my advice or not, I simply couldn’t care less at this point. I’m just saying.

  12. Seems like a simple problem to me. Gonzales should resign effective WHEN his replacement is confirmed by the Senate.

  13. so, if I am understanding some of the comments here, we simply allow the DOJ to become a useless department until this “president” is out of office, just to ensure that this “president” is not attacked personally.
    that just about says it all about this worst ever administration …

  14. You do care or you wouldn’t say. The only question is, what motivates your caring. The “compassionate conservatism” that you seem to support gave us our current situation in Iraq where we are joined in a struggle to produce a better world for the Iraqis instead of simply finding a friendly dictator to stick in Saddam’s place. You hate that, I guess. It also gave us “comprehensive immigration reform”, which I hate. Don’t know how you feel about it.
    How do you define compassionate conservative? Bush certainly hasn’t stomped the guts out of a lot of federal spending and entitlement programs as any dispassionate conservative would. Would a compassionate conservative sign on the Kyoto when even Clinton balked on that one? I guess I just want to know what it will take for you to vote for a Republican presidential candidate so I can understand what “compassionate conservative” means to you.

  15. Cap’n Ed asked:
    Doesn’t This Man Need To Spend More Time With His Family?
    Yes. Frankly, I think it’s an embarrassment that he was ever made the USAG. The man appears unqualified to sweep up in the courthouse, let alone practice law. He should be ridden out of town on a rail. Adios, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  16. I think the question should be “With a war going on and far more pressing legislation needing to be passed, why are Democrats wasting time with yet another hearing involving the AG?”
    What did this accomplish? You would think with a 14% approval rating, the Democrats would change their behavior. Apparently, you’d be wrong. The Democrats press on, completely oblivious to the point that America despises this, the most unproductive Congress of all time.
    I’m sure the *next* hearing by the Senate Judiciary will be just as productive.
    Here’s an idea. Why don’t the Dems get back to passing the Defense Appropriations Bill and fully fund our troops in the middle of a war?

  17. Gonzales is a disgrace, and as stupid as he looks, he is clearly not that stupid and simply trying to protect the administration. And it makes Bush look like a moron that he keeps giving “brownie” type platitudes to an AG that looks like an incompetent liar. Bush has to stand by him, because any less of a lapdog of an AG and the WH would have its dirt revealed. I really can’t understand why so many support such power grabbing by the executive branch (which Gonzales protects and enables). You all realize that the cavalier singing statements to dodge laws and systematic ignoring of congress, if allowed to stand unquestioned, can be done by all future presidents, right? You want, say, a President Hillary to be able to ignore laws with signing statements, and claim executive privilege for anything and deny congressional oversight? No President should have that. And no AG that is so obviously lying or obstructing congress should be allowed to stay.

  18. The punching bag justification looks lousy. He’s part of the WH, and every hit that lands, whether he’s being outfoxed by idiots or geniuses, is a hit to the president. The problem, quite beyond the narrowest concerns of him taking hits for the president, is that he really is an embarrassment to the country, and the only plus is to whoever benefits from voters swearing that voting is meaningless if this is what it buys you.
    Wasting the country’s time and treasure with his dance can’t possibly help Americans, but actively hurts Republicans, even if you think Shumer et al. show themselves to be idiots.
    Thinking his staff will keep the car running while he runs it into a cliff have forgotten that his deputies are resigning one by one, and no one is running to be first mate on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.
    There is nothing patriotic in supporting this.

  19. Best thing for the country is for Gonzo to resign.
    Best thing for the Reps is for Gonzo to resign.
    Best thing for the Dems is for Gonzo to do his “Bozo the Clown” imitation every other month to remind the American people what jerks the current neocons really are.

  20. It’s time for Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against Gonzales, as his clear contempt for telling the truth can no longer be tolerated in the very office that is directly responsible for upholding federal law.

  21. that just about says it all about this worst ever administration …
    Posted by: Monkei
    So you liked it when Bill and Hillary LIED about the Genocide in Rwanda?
    The libs are so funny…
    This economy is one of the best this Nation has ever experienced, even after one of the worst attacks on US Soil.
    We are doing extremely well in the mighty USA, which is a result of fine Leadership, which provided essential tax reduction, National Security measures (such as the NSA Program, the Patriot Act, promotion of Free Trade, building sound Alliances (the historic pact with India is amazing), and taking the fight to a very dangerous enemy which was negligently ignored for 8 unethical years prior.
    This may be one of the BEST Presidencies this Nation has experienced in recent memory.
    Second to Ronald Reagan…
    50 Million in Afghanistan and Iraq have potential now, for higher quality of life, freedom, and a future, because of the brave Leadership of this fine President.
    The Arab Region needed essential change, being so troubled for decades, and the opportunity in Iraq is sincere.
    Another example of the power of a Free Democracy, which was created in South Korea, Japan, Germany, etc., before, can provide a healthy alternative to the monstrous forces of Dictatorships, and Extremist Theocracies which previously dominated the ME before.
    But today’s liberal Democrat Partisans cannot get past their vivid bigotry for others, especially Republicans and Conservatives.
    Their expression ironically mimics the Terrorists.
    Pretty pathetic…
    Juvenile efforts, but what can one expect, from fools who call elected Presidents ‘monkeys’, ‘shrubs’, or ‘chimps’…
    Revealing an IQ so small, they probably would jump at the chance to become another ‘human shield’ for a Despot who has killed millions.

  22. Hey, Brooklyn,
    you know that “light at the end of the tunnel” . . .
    well, it’s the 2008 Election coming to run over you and all your neocon buddies.

  23. “How do you define compassionate conservative?”
    Posted by: Immolate
    Jesus, you’d think this was the first time some of you logged on to the internets.
    “Compassionate conservatism is a political philosophy that stresses using traditionally Conservative techniques and concepts in order to improve the general welfare of society.”
    That’s one definition from:
    The “techniques” y’all are using are hardly “traditional” and are having the reverse effect of “improving the general welfare of society,” I’d say.
    Here’s the criticism:
    “More fundamentalist conservatives and many on the political left have criticized compassionate conservatism as just another word for a political moderate…”
    And if that’s the case, then in all likelihood, modern “conservatives” who continue to support this disastrous presidency and the clowns who are propping it up, are turning away moderate voters in droves. It just stands to reason.
    When you’ve got 33%ers like brooklyn crowing, “This may be one of the BEST Presidencies this Nation has experienced in recent memory,” who needs a whole lot of opposition research?

  24. Personally, I think that it’s just time to give up on anything other than sheer partisanship.
    The fact that such high level officials such as USAs are now obviously, explicitly political offices where we expect there to be no loyalty to the law but rather to the President – and the Pres alone – is the new standard.
    Of course Gonzales is not stupid. But the Dems will not push this and Repubs simply will not stop saying “Clinton did it.”
    We need to give up on anything other than defending our tribe. Our tribe is the GOP (not conservatism). Let us at least admit that we hold sacred that Two wrongs make a right (Clinton did it, too – so there!).
    We don’t have to worry about the fight anymore, it’s just a waste of time.
    Somehow the most powerful lawyer in the world doesn’t know how the US attorneys were fired, who fired them, how many were fired, who was involved, etc. Such a staggering, almost inconceivable admission from a Democrat would be grounds for the deepest outrage from the Right.
    No more. I am free. Stick it to the Libs, stick it to the Left, stick it to the MSM. There’s nothing left but hatred, and that I have in spades.
    Libby was punished too much (by across the board Republican appointees) so therefore he should not get a reduced sentence, but NO sentence.
    Gonzales knows nothing, nothing at all; his ignorance is profound, and ignorance shall set you free.
    I am free, finally; all conclusions are known before the facts sully them – I am right, always Right.

  25. Ahh remember the good old days when Republicans used to consider lying under oath a bad thing?

  26. There you go again Brooklyn … shaking my head in my best Ronald Reagan way … instead of stepping up and saying this guy is a total drag on the GOP and conservative movement, you simply say “we are just as bad as the Dem’s were”.

  27. Ask Gonzalez if he still feels guilty about those 80 Branch Davidians he roasted at Waco and if he wonders why a special prosecutor wasn’t appointed to investigate that massacre back then.
    Oops. Wrong guy. My how the Blue Dress Democrats change their core principles in a heartbeat. As Albert Gore once said: “A leopard can’t change his stripes.”
    What’s Lawrence Walsh up to these days? Probably not much since he tried to frame Cap Weinberger after all his attempts to, er, shall we say, “Spitzer” the great Ronald Reagan had failed.

  28. yes, yes! Viking gets it.
    Exactly, exactly. How many people did Gonzales roast at Waco? NONE, that’s how many.
    It’s always about Clinton, about the other guy’s fault.
    Always look out and attack, never look inward and question. I am ashamed it took me so long to arrive at a spot where others seem to so effortlessly inhabit.
    STICK IT to the libs, to MSM, to the Dems. Never stop, never stock the attack. NEVER.
    right, always Right.

  29. Viking … you speak volumes when you simply excuse this joke of an AG as just another Reno clone.
    How much further down as an electorate do we all have to fall before we stop accepting our party’s actions as ok simply because the other party did the same.
    Viking, you and Brooklyn are merely enablers, nothing more.

  30. Monkei:
    don’t you think the libs are worse? I mean, c’mon, honestly – the self-righteousness from Dems is repellant. Our self-righteousness is earned and legitimate, we have God on our side.
    Maybe Viking and Brooklyn are a bit polemical, but surely you can see their point?
    Gonzales is merely a matter of vicious Dem partisanry and Gonzales forgetting to ‘dot the i’s’ – nothing more. Reagan himself was hands-off, so let’s not get all worked up about Alberto’s similar style.
    After all, have you watched the vids? Gonzales gave them nothing – do you appreciate how much skill that took and how hard it was to take his legal mind and make it look dim? Please appreciate that he is taking one for the team – and loyalty is a rare commodity in our Hollywoodized, porn obsessed culture.
    Please just reflect on that – I don’t want to introduce bad vibes here, just to pose a question.

  31. Gee, thanks Monkey boy. If I want your opinion on the latest imagined Right Wing Conspiracies I’ll certainly ask for it.
    Meanwhile explain your acceptance of the Clintoons’ continued vices and whether or not the UFOs recently spotted in Stratford-on-Avon can be blamed for them.
    XXXX’s and OOOO’s

  32. r … no, I don’t think there is a worser than here, I think both parties are to blame and the American electorate is the real loser for accepting and allowing our leaders on both sides to get away with it by merely pointing out the problems with the other party.
    viking, you don’t want people to point out the stupidity of your posts than stop posting.

  33. Being a Republican means never having to say you’re sorry.
    Our mistakes, though rare, are due to good intentions. The Democrat’s mistakes, are frequent, and of course motivated by sheer, dripping with poison hatred of everything truly American and virtuous.
    How could it be otherwise?
    How could a religious President be bad? Not even the stain of torture can touch him.
    The 28%ers despise weakness, and jumping off ship in mid-war is the UTMOST of treachery.
    We never need discuss this again, if you wish. We are right, always Right.

  34. I love the unintentional mistakes of the neocons.
    Duke Cunningham unintentionally took over $2,000,000 in bribes.
    Tom Foley unintentionally liked the Congressional pages.
    David Vitter unintentionally frequented prostitutes.
    Young Republican Leader Michael Young unintentionally pleads guilty to rape and assault.
    All 3 members of the Republican Alaskan Congressional are now under investigation for bribery and self-dealing.
    Republican South Carolina treasurer and Giuliani campaign chairman resigns after being indicted by FBI for dealing in cocaine.
    Republican commisioner Coy Privette, a retired Baptist preacher, was arrested for paying a prostitute for sex acts.
    Republican representative Tom Anderson was found guilty of 7 counts of extortion, bribery, conspiracy and money laundering.
    Republican CREA vice president Jard Carpenter pleaded guility to income tax evasion.
    Republican Italia Federici pleaded guilty to tax evasion and lying to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.
    The list of Republicans has many, many more, but you get the idea. They are corrupt and venal and have treated the public trust with contempt.
    The American people did not forget in 2006, they remember now, and they’ll remember in 2008.

  35. LOL Oooh, now monkey is getting vewy angwy and personal. Typical Liberal tantrum in the Hillary rail against any disagreement modus operandi. You’re off your meds, dude.
    Proper grammar dictates usage of “then” rather than “than” in your last sentence. Once you’ve mastered the language we’ll talk about stupidity.
    Hey, Vitter is only about sex or so we were told ad infinitum in the late 1990s. There’s got to be some angle to blame Gennifer Flowers’ answering machine for the Oral Office follies.

  36. viking01, Vitter’s sex was with prostitutes, which is illegal for both the prostitute as well as the john.

  37. Er, how about boinking a subordinate employee (in Slick’s case several subordinate employees) whose employee rating and future career are dependent upon the guy she’s servicing? Would Juanita Broaddrick care to comment about Bubba’s forcefulness with her?
    Was that blackmail or coercion or rape? I’m sure some Liberal dupe can clarify.

  38. Sure, I’ll help you Viking.
    Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich gave his 1st (or was it his 2nd) wife divorce papers while she was dying of cancer in the hospital. He got divorced from his second wife, while he was having an affair with his future third wife.
    Republican Giuliani is now on his 3rd wife, having divorced his other two while having affairs.
    Republican House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston resigned after disclosure of his extra-marital affairs.
    I can name more, but, again you get the idea.
    It’s not the sex per se, it’s that the Republican “Party of Family Values” hypocrites who so disgust most Americans.
    The Republicans promised morality, and honesty. Instead they have brought corruption, immorality and lies.
    The American people are no longer willing to believe the Republican talking points.

  39. Heaven help me, I can’t keep up with the “Family Values Republicans”. This is just in the news:
    Former Republican Congressman (NY) John Sweeny’s wife
    ” . . . . On Sunday, Gayle Sweeney, John’s now estranged wife told the Albany Times-Union that he frequently verbally abused her, sometimes physically abused her and “coerced” her into issueing (sic) the denial she made with him just before election day. In fact, if the phyiscal abuse was only occasional it was apparently pretty extreme because Gayle Sweeney says she is now in hiding, staying in undisclosed locations, because she fears for her life. ”
    So much for the Sanctity of Marriage from your local neocon Republican party of Family Values.

  40. After watching Mr. Gonzales lie today I’m afraid the Democrats are going to find our president has been lying too.

  41. Viking, you missed your calling … a grammer school spelling teacher was it … lecturing about GOP values … not so much!

  42. “well, it’s the 2008 Election coming to run over you and all your neocon buddies.”
    That exactly proves the POINT doesn’t it?
    DEMOCRAT LOONS are only interested in their hatred – bigotry, desperate to defeat others, instead of making the World – The USA a better place…
    It is embarrassing.
    Truly sad.
    Run over?
    Even if Hillary Clinton became President, a sincere American tragedy, I won’t be defeated in any way.
    I will continue to promote healthy policy for my fellow Americans, and the rest of the World, which includes low taxation, free markets, free trade, freedom of religion, etc., etc…
    Fools who currently have embraced a fashion of bigotry and hate, who are leading the Democrat Party downwards are to be pitied.
    They mindlessly support some of the most corrupt politicians we have today, who all advocate taking more away from them.
    Ironically, Democrats hate monopolies, but seem desperately eager to build the biggest one imagined within Government, giving the power to the few over the masses.
    You would think the many disasters of Communism and Socialism attempted would give them a clue, but sadly they remain blind, cheering on Tyrants like Chavez and Castro.
    Socialist – Communist waste kills incentive, grows unemployment, cements economic classes, ruins opportunity, destroys the quality of life, limits freedom, slows cultural expression, etc., etc…
    And it doesn’t matter, like the Democrat Davis Disaster in California, the Carter Nightmare of the 70s, the Democrat Partisans will continue to push the same folly on the American Public.
    Hiilary Clinton wants to take things away from you.
    And some Liberal Partisan fools are eager to give it to her.

  43. PS: Captain…
    “The congresional group that attended the meeting in question (and others held periodically on these matters) was called the Gang of Eight. The Gang consisted of the two top leaders from both parties of the House and Senate, and the chairman and ranking member of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, and Jay Rockefeller were part of the Gang.”
    The current negative perception of the AG you provide, could be called unfair, or accurate.
    But, in this long time reader’s opinion, it is not a product of your usual objective, fair, reasoned approach.

  44. YOu folks can spell better than folks on other right-wingnut sites, but you’re just as stupid. You’ll support impeaching a president for lying about a blow-job, but not for lying an entire country into a war that is destroying our military and enabling our enemy to regroup and grow stronger. You folks are IDIOTS!

  45. There’s an awful lot of subject changing on this thread.
    As far as I know Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter weren’t mentioned once in the original post. But I guess if I were determined to defend Gonzales at all costs I’d be changing the subject too.

  46. Sorry Monkey Boy they spell grammar school grammar! Maybe William Jefferson can hook you up with a huge gummint program to address your many weaknesses.
    Clinton was disbarred for lying to a grand jury and a judge about Paula Jones. The mess on the dress under the desk was a separate behavioral failing on Slick’s part. Have a snack fatbob.
    Somebody post the Clintoon pardons list for Continuum if he loves lists so much. Maybe Sandy Burglar has a copy of the list in his pants. Please don’t ask Patrick Kennedy to drive it over.
    It’s good to see the Dims in full-blown PMS mode. Things must be going too well for America’s troops lately in Iraq for them to handle. The Obama / Hillary squabble also probably has them cranky. Then again, Liberals live to be blaming somebody. Somebody ELSE, of course, but somebody nonetheless.

  47. GOP: yeah these inter-thingies are very confusing to me, but you don’t have to call me Jesus.
    A free link for ya:
    If you look at your Wiki definition of compassionate conservative, you’ll find that George W Bush fits the bill quite nicely. He is a moderate by any reasonable definition.

  48. Viking … ah but there you go again, the old GOP standby … “we are just as bad as the dems are”.
    It’s now a GOP classic. You use it well.
    Continue the good work, with enablers like you defending the bad work the GOP is doing it is no suprise that the GOP has lost it’s majoritys. Heck even Clinton’s party during the middle of a scandel actually picked up seats!
    You are the perfect Democrat, just like Bush. You will do more for the majority party by simply continuing to defend them.
    Carry on the good work.

  49. Rats! Just when I was about to congratulate MonkeyBoy on his improved spelling he goes and types “scandel”. Firefox has a spell check function. Learn it. Use it. Love it.
    Or simply cut and paste those talking points directly. It’ll save lots of typing.
    I once was a Democrat back in grade school. Then I chose to put away childish things and make / pay my own way in this world. One can forever blame our troops or Ken Starr, or Gonzalez or their spouse or kids or whatever. When the rubber hits the road Liberals can eventually choose to blame only themselves for their failings in life, their government dependence and then mature past it. Unfortunately like spelling and grammar, for Democrats like Monkey, that would require discipline and maturity they simply lack. That’s why they need Clintons. Not much of a choice but a dependence.

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