Hsu Surrenders

Norman Hsu surrendered to California authorities this morning, ending speculation on his whereabouts. The judge immediately slapped a $2 million bond on Hsu, which should keep him secure for the immediate future:

A top Democratic fundraiser wanted as a fugitive in California turned himself in Friday to face a grand theft charge.
San Mateo County Superior Court Judge H. James Ellis ordered Norman Hsu handcuffed and held on $2 million bond. A bail hearing was scheduled for Sept. 5, at which the judge will consider reducing his bail to $1 million.
Hsu appeared in court accompanied by a lawyer and publicist, both of whom declined to say whether the New York apparel executive would immediately post bail. A warrant was issued for his arrest after he skipped the sentencing for a 1991 grand theft charge.

The AP has this incorrect. He already pled guilty to the charge; he’s being held for sentencing. In 1992, he agreed to serve a three-year sentence. Hsu will probably face more time for his flight to avoid prison.
How long will it take for the Paw and Lee families to raise the $200,000 necessary for a bond to spring Hsu?

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  1. Hillary Clinton’s Fugitive Fundraiser Surrenders to California Authorities

    So let’s see now, fleecing investors, bankruptcy, strawman donations to Hillary Clinton (hiding behind a low paid mail carrier nonetheless), an additional mill plus to other democrats and now affiliations with Chinese gangs. Yet the big story of …

  2. That’s right Captain Ed, how long will it take a man who can give away to political causes and candidates almost a million dollars of mysteriously raised money to raise $200,000 (or for that matter $2,000,000) bail-he’s outa there.

  3. How soon after posting bail will Hillary’s bag man skip the country?
    And then it will be “old news”. Nothing to see here.
    This battleax is surrounded by international criminals. So she’s corrupt and unaccomplished.
    Great candidate there Democrats. Best you have to offer.

  4. That’s right Captain Ed, how long will it take a man who can give away to political causes and candidates almost a million dollars of mysteriously raised money to raise $200,000 (or for that matter $2,000,000) bail-he’s outa there.

  5. Just think, if all the politicians who have received money from him returned it to him instead of charity he would have enough to post bail right there.

  6. Norman Hsu Democrat Party Fundraiser Surrenders To Authorities For 15 Year Old Conviction

    Norman Hsu the Democrat Party Fundraiser has surrendered for his 1992 Conviction of grand theft . Bail was set at $2,000,000. The Clinton Campaign has not as of this post responded about one of their benefactors conviction.
    Perhaps if Hillary i…

  7. Must have felt like he was getting suicidal, or feared someone would Arkacide him. Hope he is isolated in jail. Was it Hsu or Karl Rove in disguise? What ever you do, Hsu don’t let any annonynous individual bail you out. A boy named Hsu?
    This is a seriously bad man fooling poor Hillary and Terry MacAwful like he did. Hill didn’t know, can’t remember, and doesn’t recall. She is going to give 1/2 of the illegal money he gave her illegally to a charity (her Brother). There Now! Enough of this foolishness lets get on with that corrupt Senator Craig playing footsy in a restroom. After all there’s those nasty Republicans to crucify!

  8. $200K is nothing for the Chi-Coms.
    Why bail? The guy is a convicted criminal only waiting for his 3 year sentence to be ordered. He might as well start serving it right now.

  9. I agree that the judge is a fool, or a mutual friend of Mark Rich / Sandy Burglar, should he lower bail for this obvious money launderer waiting to fly the coop. It is possible he may be safer staying in jail if on the wrong side of the Clintoons. Unless his name is Jim McDougal, of course.
    Apparently angry Hillary isn’t too thrilled by this publicity because the predictable, convenient, spin control appearance on David Letterman’s show with Letterman in full Monica mode (as usual when his heroes Slick and Hil’ drop by) occurred right on cue last night.

  10. How could Democrats not know this crook was wanted by the law?
    Is this the felon vote, Hillary Rodham is so desperately courting?
    Why was Mr. Hsu placed on the board of trustees of the very Liberal ‘New School’, and why did The New School receive a federal appropriation secured by Hillary Clinton last year?
    Smells wonderful…
    What other crooks are financing the ambitions of Hillary Clinton and her dream to ‘TAKE THINGS AWAY’ from the American Public?

  11. How exactly did the AP story get it incorrect, Captain? The AP never said that Hsu is going to be getting a hearing in order to plea (i.e. an arraignment [sic?]). The AP story did say that Hsu is going to meet on Sept. 5 for a hearing determining the amount of bail he is going to receive, which will be $1 to $2 million.
    It’s my understanding that the prosecutor wants to have Hsu’s bail reduced, but the judge doesn’t want to do that. However, the judge will make a final decision at the Sept. 5th hearing.
    And besides, if Hsu really wanted to skip the country, he could’ve done it over the past few days. You know, without having to spend a few nights in jail and pay a $1 to $2 million bail. I don’t believe Hsu is going anywhere.

  12. A convicted defendant being held for sentencing is not entitled to bail. There is no presumption of innocence and no right to a trial at this point. Hsu should be held without bail and sentencing should be accomplished within 10 days. Why on earth would the prosecutor want a reduction in bail? I’m thinking they want to arrive at a bail amount Hsu can actually post and then scoop it up for restitution to the theft victims. But getting this guy sentenced and jailed should be a higher priority at this point.

  13. How long will it take for the Paw and Lee families to raise the $200,000 necessary for a bond to spring Hsu?
    My estimate is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds.

  14. Exactly how much did hil get from this guy? $23,000 that she’s going to donate to charity (?) doesn’t sound nearly enough. Wasn’t it somewhere in the $750,000, or 1 million mark? Can we find out what charity she is donating the pittance to? Surely, the GOP can find that out. I wonder what more of our secrets they can give to the chinese, this time?
    Will hsu sing? Wouldn’t that be just the best? However, he knows better and doesn’t want to end up in Marcy Park.

  15. Hsu sing? Not likely. He’s an operative of the PRC government, transferring money for them. Will Hsu do time? Not likely, and if he does it will be in a camp more comfortable than Martha Stewart’s. The wonder is that the PRC leaves him here — why not reassign him and promote Paw in his place? Or some other sleeper who’s earning a $45,000 salary at some post office in Topeka or Modesto. We’ve been penetrated, folks, right at the top. Very bad news for us. F

  16. The last I heard, he has skipped bail again.
    Chinese donor sounds like ’96
    By Bill Gertz
    September 4, 2007
    Bill Clinton ‘shocked’ Hillary donor was a fugitive
    BY GLENN THRUSH | glenn.thrush@newsday.com
    5:31 PM EDT, September 2, 2007
    Considering the number of illegal Chinese donors involved in his own illegal campaign contributions, I am surprised that Bill Clinton is shocked, shocked at this latest revelation. I should think it would give him a feeling of nostalgia and everybody else that sinking feeling of déjà vu.

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