A Few Notes From The First Show

I’ve just returned home from the first Northern Alliance Radio show’s wrap party at the Rocket Man’s house, and I wanted to make sure I closed the loop on some of your comments and questions, as well as thank a few people.
First, thank you for your comments on the post. When we get a little better at this, we’ll take the e-mails on the air just like callers, like Hugh and Michael Medved do. Right now it’s all we can do to chew gum and walk at the same time. (Talk radio with Gerald Ford — now there’s a concept.) A couple of people asked about live internet streaming, and I can tell you that we all want that, including the station, but it will likely be an expensive proposition and they’ll want to sell some advertising first. I think we proved today that we have a product, and I think we’ll see some movement fairly soon to a streaming format. I showed them the amount of traffic that we got today on my live-blogging post, and I think that also made an impression.
A couple of local people noted that the signal was on the weak side and suggested “listening parties”. Hey, I can tell you that we are all in favor of parties, so if we can provide the excuse, we say go for it. You may be able to check around in Eagan to see if a local restaurant would allow people to play the radio. I’ll check with a couple around the area to see what I can find out. Mary at Fresh Bed Goodness talked about holing up at Culvers in Eagan; maybe that will work out.
For those who might be interested in the details on the photos, I shot them with my Canon A70 digital camera and downloaded them to my IBM laptop. They were originally shot in 3.2-megapixel format, and using Roxio Photosuite 5.0, I resized them to their current size and compression ratio. After you’ve done it a few times, it’s a snap.
Now for a few thanks. First, Hindrocket and his lovely wife were kind enough to host the party this evening for the Northern Alliance, and they made us a terrific dinner. We even got a chance to meet the Yale Diva, who assures us all that she will be blogrolling the Northern Alliance sometime soon. Also, a big thanks to Patrick Campion, our producer Joe, and the entire staff at The Patriot for giving us the air time. Also, once again thank you to Glenn at Instapundit, who linked us just before airtime and sent us tons of traffic for the live-blog, which may just convince everyone that there’s a market for our show on the Internet.
Next Saturday — same time, same place, and probably live-blogging again, too!

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