Hindrocket on Face to Face

Hindrocket of Power Line appeared this morning on Face to Face, a local PBS show that owes its format to CNN’s Crossfire. Today’s topic: credibility issues with politicians, focusing on Bush and Kerry. Joining Hindrocket was Buck Humphrey, a Kerry campaign activist.
I may be biased — hell, I am biased — but Hindrocket came across extremely well, while Buck Humphrey couldn’t look anyone in the eye during most of his answers, looking askance or downward almost the entire time. Hindrocket had excellent answers at the ready — his answer to co-host David Lillehaug about the cyanide-salts find in Baghdad shut that thread down immediately. Hindrocket scored a direct hit on Kerry’s hypocrisy, using the Majumder corruption case as an example, and Humphrey stumbled trying to change the subject to an irrelevant assertion that Kerry never took PAC money. (I’d like to think that John used the entry from my blog for his source material, but I don’t think he needed my help.)
Overall, Hindrocket showed a remarkable ability to drive the debate despite facing two dynamic co-hosts (Rick Morgan on the right). I’m starting to get a little nervous about being in the same radio booth with him in less than two weeks. Maybe I’ll bring him a cafe latte in order to get on his good side …