Frist Confirms S.2590 Will Come To Floor

Earlier today, I contacted Bill Frist’s office to ask for an unqualified statement that would clearly state his intent to bring the Coburn/Obama bill, creating an Internet-based searchable database for the federal budget, to the Senate floor for a vote regardless of holds. Fifteen minutes ago, Senator Frist posted this to his blog:

I’m very encouraged to see that all one hundred Senators have now answered the blogosphere’s inquiries on the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act. Now is the time to act. In September, I will bring S. 2590 to the floor of the Senate for the vote it deserves.

Frist had to take care to keep from unduly antagonizing Robert Byrd and Ted Stevens, the two Senators that acknowledged their holds on the legislation. This statement makes clear that Frist will bring this bill to an up-or-down vote regardless of any attempted obstructionism, but he will still try to clear all of the objections in order to have unanimous consent for the vote — which will avoid a complicated set of manuevers that would take days of effort to overcome.

2 thoughts on “Frist Confirms S.2590 Will Come To Floor”

  1. Sorry, but I think you’ve been wasting your time and effort…

    there’s no way this will do anything to further your goal of reducing government spending..

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