John Kerry Gets Desperate

I can’t find any other explanation for John Kerry’s primal-scream campaigning in Orlando this afternoon except for desperation as the election blessedly winds down to its final hours. Reuters reports that Kerry went “off script” and told America that anyone not voting for him must be unconscious:

Kerry also blasted Bush on the economy, taxes, jobs and health care, saying the Republican incumbent had “walked away from the basic bargain” that Americans who worked hard should have the chance to get ahead and chosen his powerful friends over the middle class.
“Wake up America, wake up. … You have a choice,” he said. “This election is a choice between four more years of tax giveaways for millionaires along with a higher tax burden on the middle class.”

Somehow I think that telling people they’re asleep is not the best way to make them like you.

One thought on “John Kerry Gets Desperate”


    Osama is threating America and Kerry tells to America to wake up about taxes. America is awake Senator. America is wide awake now and we are listening to our President. Perhaps you should be as well.

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